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Why do luxury items tank attire score?
Something feels really wrong.

Pretty straightforward question: Why do luxury items lower your attire score?

I haven't found a single one that even keeps attire score at the same level! We're paying to flaunt status, so... why do we lose status? Are luxury items actually super-low class to be seen with?

Rolexes, rings, radbanes...

Are we just not buying expensive-enough ones? What gives?

Get tailored goods.
Tailored luxury items that overlap things like rings are ok? (If using the proper materials.)
I don't believe jewelry materials are released yet. Note that items like rings cover a -single- slot and thus are very low scoring on what catches peoples attention, so you're also seeing those effects.

Keep in mind, its about whats notable, not based on fundamental value.


If that were true, items like rad-banes and rings wouldn't -tank- your attire score, but they do.

Conversely, I have made single slot items that actually accentuate the attire score. It is my belief that there -may- be a mechanical issue worth looking into here.

File a bug. Certainly not a priority.
Luxuries definitely raise the quality of an outfit that determines the shortdesc (sometimes substantially), but there are different qualities to player-made clothing that don't always apply to luxuries which I suspect is why they sometimes seem to add 'lesser' descriptors to the 'overall their clothing is...' line.

Just my experience from testing.