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Yet another economy thread.
Yes, cause chyen is important.

Okay, so as I finally break down and use the shitty crate system (No offense, but it is shitty). I find myself looking at the stock of all these stores in RED (The poorest part of the city) and wondering if the stores are simply there for flavor in most cases.

What I mean is this, how is someone who is limited to making 2k a day, and has to dodge pickpockets both virtual and small asians (I hate that character with a passion), supposed to afford 110k items, ever? When they are paying 1400-3000 chyen a week in rent for their dingy apartment?

Better yet, how is a combat character supposed to buy armor, a weapon (if needed) and regular equipment to survive even little dogs in the park without being knocked outta commission for a rl day healing?

Now I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom about it or insult admin who coded it or any of that shit. But I don't see how any amount of roleplaying is going to get you this type of income required to do that shit. And I sorta see why so many people resort to leveling thievery so high, because they can then just sit outside the courier and goto town.

So am I missing some type of job system or something to get enough credits to just get a workable character? I mean I get that we can't be Johnny Badass two seconds out of chargin, but we shouldn't have to play a combat character as a big pussy for three months to finally have enough money to buy ONE piece of armor.

Because if I'm doing the math right, 2000 x 4 (weekly max) is 8000, so it could take actually longer than that to buy simple gear.

Let me know what I'm missing or which characters actually have the money to spend that aren't totally assholes.

Sure Jago. We'l tell you what you're missing. Again.

Yes, the crate system is shitty. No, they're not going to take your advice from your previous thread and add more shitty automated jobs.

You're supposed to struggle. Do you think that pickpocket who hides outside the crates doesn't struggle every single day? Do you think he does well on 100 chyen, while you pocket thousands weekly?

How are you supposed to get ahead? You're supposed to claw your way to the top. And what's more is you'll need to be a shit-ton smarter about it.

To make money, you RP. No, you are not missing some type of job system, you've seen it yourself. You have even gone as far as to say in the past, "I can't believe how much money I made today." and it was from RP.

So, why the sudden confusion now? We know you know the answer to this question. Why act like you don't?

Well, that was on a job system that paid quite well as in rates.

And I ran into a surprising generous group of people and npcs at that time.

I have tried to do out of the box shit and nobody was interested. I tried to play an artsy fartsy type, nobody wanted to participate.

I tried to be a pickpocket, but the fact that the NPC autodestroy you after you fail sorta kicks that in the ass (I didn't wanna be another short asian fellow who just sits outside of crates all day waiting for people to steal from with lower perception then the NPCS.)

I see the @who that says a shitload are in the mix...where? When I ask the bartender where the party is, and he says right here, but there are tons in the mix...where?

"I have tried to do out of the box shit and nobody was interested."

Well I certainly don't want to do anything with 'out of the box shit'. Maybe that was your problem? Keep the shit in the box please. Instead, try RPing instead of trying to subvert the system.

"I tried to play an artsy fartsy type, nobody wanted to participate."

And yet they thrive throughout the dome. You must be doing it very wrong.

"I tried to be a pickpocket..."

And found out that you have to struggle as a pick pocket? Are you really surprised, or is this just trolling?

"I see the @who that there are shitloads are in the mix... where?"

My guess is they're avoiding you, since I have no trouble finding them. Perhaps you've developed a reputation for yourself that precedes your RP? Just a guess. I know you at the very least see them all the time on the SIC, so it's not like the game is lying to you. One might assume that they got tired of being prayed on by pickpockets, and found a better way to interact with people. A way to make more money which doesn't require them to run crates and expose themselves all the time. One which they're not interested in bringing you into. One which you're never going to be told about through OOC means, no matter how much you whine about it. Again, all conjecture here, but isn't it possible? Wouldn't it explain a whole lot if it were true?

Perhaps the problem isn't with other people, Jago.

I found something else you said interesting: "And I ran into a surprising generous group of people and npcs at that time."

You mean you found generous people? The city of Withmore doesn't have NPC's. It has 65 million human inhabitants and quite a few non-human ones.

What did you do with these generous people? How did you encounter them? How did you convince them to be generous? What was their motivation? You know they're still doing the same thing, right? They're still (most likely) in the city being generous?

And what did you do with their generosity? Did you maximize it? Did you take full advantage of it and then go ask them for more? Did you put them in a position to give you more? Did you do something to deserve more? Did you act grateful? Did you even thank them? Did you figure out how to turn a little generosity into a lot? Did you work it long enough to see where it could go over the course of weeks and months, to see if it could turn into something more significant?

Or did you squander it? Did you throw it away? Did you treat it like something other than a gift and spit on it? Did you fail to RP all the opportunities presented? Did you take what you were given and turn your back on it, giving the proverbial finger to the people who had been so generous to you to begin with? Are you really so surprised that generous gifts don't find their way into the hands of people who show no appreciation for them?

Because if it's the former, then I doubt you would be complaining. But if it's the latter, why are you looking to other people to fix what you keep fucking up?

Stop the belittling personal attacks, ShinMojo.
If you don't have money to buy the shiny, why not mug or steal it?
'Let me know what I'm missing or which characters actually have the money to spend that aren't totally assholes.'

Yeah, we're not going to point you at specific characters.

That said, there are good* natured characters in the game that do well for themselves. You don't need a job to do well for yourself. You don't need a job OR something like crates to do well for yourself. You might struggle to see how it's possible that you can achieve all of this with RP but... it's what everyone who breaks through in terms of finances has to do, and they do.

If you don't find a way to take advantage of opportunities, if you are wholly unwilling to engage with the morally grey area of the game (you don't have to flatly be an asshole, just be a realist) then you are going to have a hard time. Get out of your mindset that the game is going to provide for you (complaining about wages, complaining about the weak-ass sources of income that aren't meant to get you anywhere near rich) because I have news for you: It's not. You can't go out into the wilds and grind seventy boar pelts and make thirty five coats and flood an NPC, or anything like that, either. That said, there is a ton of chyen out there. Don't think outside the box - think inside this box - our box, which plays by different rules than you're obviously used to.

You want fast gratification? Mug someone who has chyen. Don't want to be an asshole and want fast gratification? Well, wanting fast financial gratification is typically why people turn to crime, you're out of luck. You can take a loan, but with no way to monetize that, is that a smart plan?

The real chyen isn't in the fast money, though. It's in the money where you have to put your heads together with other PCs and pull off something you couldn't do alone, or in creating a service that is actually marketable. In other words, the real chyen is in RP.

You can gripe about the economy all you want; though, this belongs with your last thread. If there was an issue with the economy in the way that you're describing, nobody would be moving forwards and nobody would be able to make chyen. This simply isn't the case.

If you spent nearly as much effort trying to get into the game and in your character as you did questioning the game and wondering why it isn't a completely different genre of MOO than you're used to, you would be over this hump by now.

* in a relative sense, in our world.

How am I going to mug someone when I have no weapons and everyone else does?
How am I going to __________________ when the playing field is intentionally unequal?

I've tried really hard to find some way to answer that question that would offer some additional insight beyond the mountain of advice you've been given so far.

Unfortunately, I failed to come up with anything that hasn't already been said over and over again, and I don't want to just tell you the same things over and over again that myself and everyone else keep telling you.

So, rather than just rehash the same things over again, I'm going to just say: That's a great question Jago, and the answer is best found out in the game. See you there!

Are posts unable to be deleted or something, because Jago calling out a specific character and what they do in the OOC forums is by far one of the most offensive things I've seen on the boards.
In regards to 'How Do I Gain Loot?"

This is a multiplayer roleplaying game. Just like in any game that doesn't have equipment that binds to your character, you are able to get your gear in 3 ways. You find it, you buy it, or you get someone else to give it to you.

If you don't like the economy, ignore the economy. Obviously you can't rely on luck to find things, and we don't have mobs to grind, so find people who have what you want and figure out a way for the equipment to exchange hands. You can get top class shit in this game without ever having to spend a single chy. You also don't have to have any skills to get people to give you things. The only thing you need is to to convince someone else that it's a good idea that you have their shit. It's very, very easy to do.

People give away shit all the time. NPCs give away shit all the time.

What are all you "roleplaying" fanboys talking about?

Jago obviously just hasn't found the right farming zones, XP powerlevel partner, and NPC trigger words yet.

"Roleplaying" is just fluff for when you're trying to recover from the RSI of spamming the "kill", "take loot from carcass", and "sell loot" buttons.

</trollmode off>

@Stygian: I agree about the offensive part.

But then there's some people, and some fights that just aren't worth fighting.

Rule breaking comes with consequences.

I'll see what can be done about removing the IC info from this. Moderation and editing features are deliberately absent from this forum, so it's a manual process.

Hi Jago. :)

It's great that you're asking a lot of questions and trying to learn and look at things to learn about it.

Hopefully this helps you (and other newbies) a little at least.

First Part: Economy

The economy is set up in a specific way. No, I don't know what that way is precisely, but there are some threads on this from before which bring up price changes and why. You can do a basic search on it and read it for yourself.

Now, what I'm about to write has been brought up many times before.

The way to make money in this game, real amounts of money, is not with your weekly job. It's with RP and making contacts and working on something that can bring you more RP and more money.

It's playing with other players that can help bring you more money in one way or another.

No, you don't have to fall to thievery to make money but there's paydata, go-to's, wrenching vehicles, courier work, being a bullet-stopper of some sort (body guarding), setting up one gang to fight with another or corporate espionage.

It's up to you but the coded jobs are, as has been brought up before, not the way to make big money. If you want that fancy Protek armor or WAI Jumpsuit and that shiny new pistol, you find ways to get the money.

Second Part: Reputation

You mentioned that no one wanted to participate with one artsy type. Well, here's a quick tip on something.

You've no doubt heard about Style over Substance. It's all about style. It is Cyberpunk after all.

But, it's also all about Rep. Reputation.

What is your character's rep? What are they known for? Are they even known at all?

If they aren't known? Who would want to bother with them?

How do you make yourself known? What are some things you can do to get your name out there?

Just like in Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020, why would a Mr. Johnson hire someone without any rep and what can you do to make yourself have a rep that that Mr. Johnson is looking to hire?

If you're an immy, no one knows you. Change that. Do some things to make yourself known. :)

Then people will start seeking you out or suggesting you to others who are looking for someone who does blah de blah.

Race sighs after he drinks half of his lager. "Man, I could really use a damn trenchcoat. The shops are out *again* and this rain is laughing at me."

Stopping mid-gulp, Mouse flicks his eyes to Race and, putting his own lager down, he licks his lips as he swallows and says, "Ah mano, you've got to ignore those places. Use Savvy Reece. He makes ace coats and the flash is worth it. Got my boots from him and Jace got his shirt from the guy."

"Jace?" Race asks.

"Yea, you know the shirt that he never takes off?"

so on and so forth

(It might take a little while to develop the rep but then, it's all in what you do, right?)

I hope that helps.