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Not the shitty TV show

I always thought that it would be cool, that with high enough disguise skill you'd be able to use an alias

And use a different although temporary name, and change several @nakeds with a "Disguise toolkit" or something along those lines. So, you'd be able to change several of your @nakeds, name and voice then go out and walk the streets/do business under a different name.

Until someone sees through the disguise. Realising who you actually are. Because there is really more to a disguise then wearing a sheet over your head with eye holes poked in it.

I'm kinda undecided on this idea, but I think it's a WAAAY better idea than half the mix walking around in shrouds like some sort of retarted, cyberpunk sand people.

My own opinion is that, in real life, half the ghetto doesn't go around disguised, and even if they wanted to, they wouldn't do it with convincing "I look like a different person" disguises, they'd do it with obvious "you can't see what I look like" hoods.

So, I guess I support the original idea, for *very* high values of "high enough", when it comes to disguise skill.

I would say street 'hoods' wouldn't work to disguise...but a pro might go with a different's hard enough to keep your clothing, @look_place, etc straight. Someone would have to be skilled at RP to make this work...regardless of a alt disguise skill.

Alias is an awesome show :)

We've added some support for this with @short-desc. This was done awhile back -- it atleast adds in some different short names.