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'All' inventory alias
easy containers/lockers

Would it possible to have 'all' as an alias for your complete inventory. I know that there are places you can retrieve all from a container like a locker. But it would be amazing if we could have a 'store all in locker', 'put all in cabinet', 'drop all' and so on.
I'm 99 percent sure that drop all and put all in cabinet are functional commands. Not sure about lockers though.
Not sure about lockers, but drop all is definitely a command. I don't recommend using though if you have a large list of items on your person. As far as I know it causes serious game lag. At least it did the one time I did it during some major rp. If I recall the players at the time asked me not to do it again.
"Remove all" would certainly make getting in a shower easier. Unless you do your laundry while you shower, of course.
Remove all works, it's just super janky. It will remove items based on inventort order and not order of the items worn.

Funny, because when I tried it, it did nothing.