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'append' verb for e-notes

Super simple suggestion:

Please add an 'append on e-note' verb to e-notes.

All append will do is let you add things to the bottom of an existing note with an included newline before it.

I assume an 'edit' verb doesn't exist because cursor management and the associated command structure would be fairly complicated to manage, but this should be trivial enough to add.

+1 yesssss plssssss 😍

I would use 100% use e-notes ICly in real time instead of repeatedly tabbing over to Google Docs if "append" were a thing.

append on e-note


Ahem. I meant:

append (file) on e-note

Same for letters, I beg you.
Inb4 finding a letter laying around with 50 encryption keys on it.
I think the issue is the game lacks a solid embedded text editor as a whole. That's a pretty big overhaul.
I found a few letters with keys, it's amazing when happens. And having people actually carry e-notes, letters means this is stuff that pickpocketers can take off from them. Which would fill a nice niche for mid-late game thieves?
Honestly a single-liner like that:

"append to [1st] letter Abcd edgrgr fdgfdgdg"


"append to [notename] on [shi] dfjslfjlsdfksdf sdf sdlkf sd"

So this literally can be added on-the-fly, without having to step into the editor. Write as you walk! The more convenient we make those tools, the more use they will have.

Not sure how portable, if at all the code would be, but I'm relatively certain there's a veritable mountain of vim-like text editor code out there that's open source. Even something that's super lightweight would be nice, like the ability to select and edit line numbers with a preview.
Text editors in muds have one shared problem - you don't control the buffer which means you cannot modify it. So any change you want for the editor screen would be a new complete printout of the editor, rather than just edit. So while VIM works lovely in the command line, you cannot reproduce that in a mud game as you cannot change something that has already was sent.
The thought of porting vim or nano or even just any sort of rudimentary cursor based text management system into LambdaMOO gives me cold shivers.

Doing that on a modern codebase isn't trivial, let alone an ancient one.

So, there's a mud I play that shall not be mentioned, where one of the common Descers has a command,


Which basically just finds that bit of text in the item. And then replaces it. I don't think something this explicit as far as find and replace would be hard to do. Though it really depends on how the object is stored, and if the data types are mutable in LambdaMOO.

I'd propose something like that.

And an append verb would also similarly follow as you could end notes with a hidden line end character, and then when using the append, just call the find and replace on that hidden line end.