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@check overload that shows teases
Because having to @check then @messages is weird

So I'd think a variant of @check with a similar interface too it, but which shows all of the clothes messages and the assorted information would be a good thing for tailors.

Something like an @check all "Sparkling Bedonged Vajazzled Diamondweave G-String Panties" would be a wonderful addition to the game. But maybe putting it in the form of a separate command might be better.

Any thoughts?

I was thinking something like this, but simply adding the tease messages to the already existing list. I'd also like it if tease messages were able to be edited without refinishing the piece so they have more utility. In short you could use tailored clothing to store pre written messages that are relevant to your character at any given time or situation.
Like Macros?
You mean @messages ?

@messages is very poor at conveying the information, and doesn't include some of the other things that @check includes.
Typically I just run @messages after I'm satisfied with @check to make sure everything's legit.

I can get behind the idea of adding the teases to the @check output if it's a line of code or something.