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"Down" drugs?
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

It has recently come to my attention that by trying to shove a crapload of drugs down your throat might just spam the game, thereby making it slow down a bit. For this reason, I think there should be a command similar to "down" that's used in drinks to finish off whatever drug you happen to be dealing with in one command. It'd both make the drug addicts happy and not hurt the MOO! Uhm.. hurrah and stuff.

Maybe put in OD code too? I mean...if you down a whole vial of V, ain't your heart likely to burst from the strain? *snickers*

Maybe.  Would probably depends on the endurance or something of the character.  But if that's the case the drug market would certainly go down with people buying only one or two bottles/syringes of this and that, instead of boxloads.  

Yeah... and consistant effects and durations, and effect scripts, and comedown scripts, and addicition scripts.

It's... <Everyone all at once now> On the list. ;)

You can help too. Become a scripter and start writing scripts. There's tons of open requests on the Scripting forum.


(Edited by Kevlar at 9:56 pm on May 12, 2003)

I'd offer to help, but y'know how it is.

Accualy your welcome to script.

There's some sample scripts on the public XDrive to get you started with the basic syntax. Just use 'tell %player' for the drug effects scripts.


Can someone please explain the Xdrive? I logged one and signed up but found nottin and got confused....


I refer you to this: