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@expose and @eworn
An addition @worn and @message for disguises

Just a simple improvement that I think would add some solid quality of life improvement to disguises and the new corpse system. I propose we add @expose and @eworn (short for exposed worn) to all disguises.

As a start, it would need to just be a blanket across all disguises (which really isn't that many items, right?) that copies @worn to @eworn and adds a generic @expose command but I think the fix-it community could quickly update these.

@expose would just be the message seen when you expose face while wearing a disguise.

@eworn would be a roughly modified @worn that would provide the wearer's @nakeds for head and maybe eyes.


Personally, I just don't understand what these would help with.. It's just confusing, in the wording. Can it be dumbed down?
When your disguise drops, your @naked face would show up through your disguise. Make sense?
This would solve the issue with people wanting dual state hoodies if it is easily doable codewise. Some items (the ones that arent hoods) should just show eyes or remain as is.