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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Lucifer

Now, we can alter the look_place of ourselves, but what about the look_place of items? Maybe some way to incorporate them into a room. Like, for this parrot i found. Set its look place as 'Parrot is sitting in the window.' Adds to RP effect.

There's code in place to allow that already, but can only be set by admin. Might be possible to tweak the code to allow players to set certain objects, but I think that's going to need a little admin discussion as to how/if we implement it and how extensive we make it.
There's potential for abuse -unless- we were to code it to force you to use the object name in the integration message... and even then, there's a vast number of objects in the game that we don't really want the integration messages of editing... consider it under consideration.

What about at the very least when you see a bunch of stuff (clothes, general RP items, pictures...mainly clothes)...why not just say you see a pile of clothes, Although that would probably have something to do with nth(and that had its problems a while back, I wouldn't expect ~anybody~ would WANT to mess with it)but if you did...might be kinda cool to add to RP effect of items in an room

This is the only topic in ideas that mentioned @look_place at all, so I figured I'd just add my comments in here.  

I think it would be excellent if your @Look_place was included inn your look_self, So ti would be something like this..

Billy Bob
Billy stands at 5'11 and has a beer gut
Billys eyes are green.  He wears a nexus trenchcoat.
You are standing here.
You look pretty haggard, like you could use a fix.
You are holding nothing.
You are in godly condition, are physically very well rested and feeling randy.
You have 7 million chyen on you.

I agree. @look_place can be a real important aspect that gets changed alot, unlike the other stuff in '@messages me' that one would only tweak/change occasionally, if ever. Not totally necessary obviously, but more convenient.


Also, I like the idea of being able to change the message of objects in the room. Would be cool to actually 'organize' the stuff in a cube, instead of having a haphazard mound of stuff that appears to all be on the floor. This would add to the sense of space in a room, if you could change the message of say "You see a pair of black pants folded up on the small dresser." Connecting the room description with the objects in it...

I think it would be a big help in not walking around with the wrong look_place.  I guess even if you could type @Look_place and it would tell you your look place, or @Look_place me is, and itw ould tell you instead of clearing it.


Moreso to @look_place being (more) easily checked rather than being able to be set for individual items, but yes.
Including it in a char's look description would be ideal - also for other people looking at them too, perhaps?

(Edited by Chienne at 10:27 am on April 18, 2005)

Well, ever thought about buying a closet? Or a footlocker?
You can't organize things when you don't have where to put them.

Yeah, but I was talking more about the room description. Like say there's a table in the room description but it's not there as an object.. I don't expect all room desc. to have objects corresponding to them that you can manipulate. So it it might just be easier to set it yourself..if it was in a closet or other container you wouldn't see it. I'm talking abotu the things that are visible just in the room..

Closets in hotel rooms would pwn. That way you could stash stuff when you have company, instead of doing that OOC like action of grabbing what you don't want seen and stuffing them into your endless pocketsx5. Also, phones bolted to the walls in hotels would be cool. but thats another topic.