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@look_place for a room
temporary room details?

I often find myself wanting to add something to the description of a room i own or work in. Maybe in public places we can do this with admin assistance like in the case of events at a club or something? I don't know. Never tried. Is this a thing?

Anyway, I'm thinking more for rooms we rent or own where we can use a coded command like @look_place here is blahblahblah and it would add a few lines of text at the bottom of the description. I tend to try to use @look_place me to do things like this to usually ho-hum avail and if you leave the room you better have it ready for when you walk back into it again. Maybe its just not possible but i would love to..for instance, say you just made dinner and you're a terrible cook and there's black smoke filling the room that will be gone in an hour or so but adds something to have it there now, right? Or you killed a rat and stuck it to the door with your switchblade, or you got super drunk and threw up all over the floor. I'm not talking remodeling the place. Just little tidbits that add to the environment and the world and hopefully the RP or at the very least some sense of the character's identity or personality seen in a different way.

I know asking for new *coded* things is asking a lot, but please? :-)

ArmageddonMUD had something similar to this where you could "arrange" an item and give it a custom room description. So you might have something along the lines of...

Some Room

Some description goes here.

You see a foobar.

>arrange foobar Knocked on its side, ~ is sitting in the gutter.


Some Room

Some description goes here. Knocked on its side, a foobar is sitting in the gutter.

In the right rooms, you can 'redecorate'. This has to be admin approved and depending on what you write comes with a furnishings cost. So that means we can't really let you have something really open like a room level @look_place, because then people would circumvent the redecoration system to various degrees.

I could give it to the GMs, but this seems like something we'd want -at the beginning- of the description, not the end of it. This is something noticeable, it needs to be read first.

We do have things like art, let you post photos, graffiti, shelving & bookcases to display things on, plants, etc and we're often adding new ways to express yourselves that make sense as coded items. I could see us adding this for admin and code to use, but not players. :)

Thanks for the idea!

'ArmageddonMUD had something similar to this where you could "arrange" an item and give it a custom room description. So you might have something along the lines of...'

This was actually a large part of my job as a servant in a Noble house (disclaimer: IC events in Armageddon and characters can be discussed if all characters involved have been dead for over a year).

Excellent feature. I've wanted to see it in Sindome since always.

People in Sindome can't even manage their own character's @look_places.

I have to admit, when I read that there was a substantial "job" someone had over at Armageddon related to this feature, I immediately thought that the job was cleaning up after people who went around putting descriptions here and there which became irrelevant or flat-out wrong after the scene was over.

People often set context-sensitive @look_places then forget about them and move on. People change states a lot. Since we're on the subject, I may misremember but I believe that Arm also made distinctions between a message you could set which works like our @look_place and a message you could set which would automatically revert once you changed rooms.

Items don't tend to get around by themselves. Their custom messages would be cleared when picked up. I can't recall this ever being an issue with the feature. You wouldn't see a sword walking down the street with a message pertaining to it tending a bar. Items don't tend to change states unless interacted with. Their arrange messages scarcely become irrelevant because they aren't animate. There are some fringe examples of course but these messages tend to have far more leniency than setting a sensitive @look_place. 'Oh darn, that freshly prepared meal has been piping hot for TOO LONG' versus 'Oh right, my @look_place still says I'm balls-deep in that chica and I've just arrived at my corps boardroom meeting'.

It was a useful tool for setting a scene as opposed to seeing a collection of items on the ground as a solid wall of text or strewn across/within their given containers or flyers and business cards everywhere who-the-fuck-knows-wherever because they have no associated message and could be anywhere. Did that business card flytipper emote when leaving that card? Too bad for anybody witnessing it who stuck around in the interim for the next person to come along and grab it who has their own interpretation. Drop that card in a bin bag full of discarded condoms? Someone is going to put their hand in it to retrieve it because the only context they have is that an item is here.

The ability to enrich a scene especially came into play when somebody used an item as a prop in a scene, an actor can come in midway through the scene and at a glance understand what they're seeing within the room. A burglar might leave objects in disarray with custom 'arrange' descriptions to leave their mark. Items might accumulate cobwebs and dust to show that they are neglected. Seeing somebody's home or a place they used and how they had set their item arrange messages gave you insight into their character. The examples are really limitless. These are all powerful roleplay tools that give objects and rooms charm and personality and offer incredible diversity.

I suppose you could consider taking an item and then returning it but not 'arranging' it in a pristinely kept room to be making a mess, but that would be IC carelessness and an IC issue with individual cases, which really isn't a problem at all because this in and of itself is a form of expression and roleplay.

It's like you said: your immediate thought was that I would spend my time fixing other people's plain wrong shit. In that case, the fact that I'm advocating for it and calling it an excellent feature should tell you plenty.

I have to admit, your reply sounds a little jaded about this community, Vetra. I don't find the two commands that comparable due to the reasons mentioned and I'm certain that Sindome players would have no problems adopting it. I wonder why you were given an immediately negative impression when my recollection was positive.

Better arguments I could see would be abuse cases along the likes we've seen in the past with spam attacks. A character limit could be imposed to combat this. This is generally a lot more effort than somebody just flooding chat channels either way (and much easier to stop since removing their character from IC effectively stops the attack).

Another argument would be the code architecture not supporting adding the new @message which would pretty flatly shut down ever seeing it. In that case, more ways to present items in room using other objects would definitely be appreciated and awesome.

" I wonder why you were given an immediately negative impression when my recollection was positive."

It wasn't actually about you or your comment at all. You just gave me something to riff off of while I looked for words for my reaction to the original idea.

I didn't think it was about me or my comment personally, I'm just observing that your riff was negative, which it was. :P

Nor was my post completely in reaction to your comment either. I figured it would be good to expand on my thoughts since it's a feature I was impressed with and have felt strongly about wanting to see elsewhere for a while.

@johnny Thanks for the reply, and i'm not taking anything away from those features, i'm just taking a second chance to clarify.

The redecs, art, etc, are all amazing rp tools, but they are static. We can't/aren't able to bother gm's for constant redec requests. I feel like a feature like this adds something organic to the environment capable of change to the character's whim via the means @euclid said a little better than me, if its possible at all, adding an @message to the room. This allows the room to adapt to the player and feel more alive, while removing those descriptors from the general description like: *The room is a mess, clothes and shoes lie scattered all over the floor.* This might be my character's overall personality, but what if they wanted to impress somebody and clean it up...once?

With an @message for the room the room could be *sparkling clean* one day and a *complete and utter fucking disaster* the next. Say you wanted to light some candles and spread them out over your living room? Spread out files from a goto you're working on? Have your weapons lined up on the floor shining from their recent cleaning? All very temporary things that don't fit in a description or as art, but as something that evolves with the character's rp and helps to set the scene for others as well (much like @euclid went into detail about). If it could be an option for others to access the @message for my place and *trash* it too that's even better!

A couple people brought up Arm. I enjoyed my time there, but i found, as i did with a couple of other moo's that the needed level of attention to coded detail like that was, at many times, cumbersome and tedious for more casual players. This is something Sindome capitalizes on i think. It's able to keep the structure simple (relatively) while allowing the players to complicate the hell out of things. If my idea changes that then forget i said it.

@vetra I get your point. I screw up my lp more than i'd like to admit, but that's also because your lp is invisible to you. It's impossible to see. An @message for the room would be visible every time one walked into the room or typed "look". I don't think it would have the same consequences.

@johnny Oh! And thanks for the "pin pic" tip. How have i missed that?!? Guess what my char's going to be doing a "lot" of from now on. This is dope, thanks.
Wait, can you pin photos to the wall!?