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@Name and you.
A way I think will help add a little immersion.

Whenever you see a player you see their name. Even if you've never met them before. And while ideally the player will observe that is ooc information and react as thus. It doesn't always work out that way. On top of that, it breaks immersion seeing nametags everywhere you go.

So what I suggest is that the pfile name that is shown on a player be removed and all you see is a short description of them. Maybe even give players the ability to alter their short description to give it a little more flavor. Something that would have to be submitted and approved like @history.

With @name you could replace that short description with a name the player gives you, or one of your own choosing.

like @name wiry man as Dumpster Diving Dan.

The amount of people you'd be able to do this to would also be limited by the characters intelligence much like a players memorize ability. Although the number of names should be higher than slots used for that command.

Honestly , i love this idea.

The only problem i could see with this proposal is the use of cameras and such. If you see a guy in a tv screen , would it use the camera its @name or yours ? Can the code behind tv screens even handle to check player information and adapt the code relayed to the player ?

Because that would result in you seeing Bob , NLM reporter jumping off the NLM building while i would see crazy NLM reporter guy.

It would also mean half of red has to run around in shrouds. Hell, Ecks could walk around in the streets and only people who know what he looks like could identify him as such.

It would also open up alot of opportunities for interesting plots. The guy who introduced himself as random no-interesting bob with a small bizz proposal turns out to be some high end mixer or fixer or someone equally interesting.

I just noticed that a hologram ad addressed my character by their SIC name. That was really cool, knowing someone else could find out my SIC alias that way.

Without names, you'd have to rely on descriptions a lot more, which could be cool. People already pay pretty close attention to their clothes and description. I would see needing to make @nakeds mandatory and permanent...that way something identifiable stays consistent. Obviously you can cover up...or change clothes...and pretend ICly that you're someone else.

I don't know how hard this would be to implement in code, but I'm in favor of this idea too. It would definitely help with the immersion of the game a lot, and force people to pay more attention to descriptions. Also there would be the nice benefit of actually being sure of whether you know the person and/or their name, because it can be difficult to remember whether you actually ICly know a characters name for all the random people you only occasionally interact with. I've actually started keeping notes on who/what my char actually knows for just this reason.

I'm not too thrilled by the idea of limiting it based on intelligence though, because either you'd have people you've known forever suddenly becoming 'unrecognized' if it's like memorize, or have to have a way to manually 'forget' specific people which seems a bit silly. It would probably just end up encouraging people to boost intelligence even if their char isn't supposed to be that smart, just for some obvious coded benefits (sort of an inverse of the situation with charisma).

I've always liked this idea as well. I'm fairly certain it's been suggested before though and either been shot down, or just never made THE LIST tm.
Well, lets ask. How do you all feel about having to type someones shortdesc to interact with them? Do you prefer 'johnny' or 'hulking guy wearing turnout gear' when you typing 'grapple X' or 'follow Y'?

I think the idea is to be able to assign any player object a variable name. So I can name ninja goat zombie "Asshat" and my friend bob "Bob" accordingly - and be able to use verbs to interact with those variable names.

Then I will also need to be able to describe those people to other people. So I can tell my friend about Asshat and when they see him he'll appear as Asshat. The problem is when cameras (video and photo) get involved this gets really deep codewise. Obviously, there are clear benefits to RP and "secrecy but it'd be a BIG task.