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@OOC commands
Disable 'look'

Simple: I propose disabling 'look' for @ooc or even make those rooms blind. Being able to notice or look at other characters is a big IC spoiler.

You can, first and foremost, confirm they're still alive and in the game. You can see their health, clothes/armor/gear, smell, all stuff that you should learn by going and RPing with the person.

Seconded, not much to say here.

Yeah, this has my support too.

Can't count the times I went @ic just to wear pants then @ooc again.

Always wondered why you're able to interact with other characters in @ooc.


Thanks Johnny.

Thank you, Johnny! This is much better. c:

I just noticed that when in the @ooc lounge and someone enters/leaves it while you're in it the message still pops up like so:

[OOC: Character returns to the IC world. ]

This isn't a super big deal, but it can tip you off OOCly that a certain character is still alive and well. Of course, you wouldn't act on that knowledge, but it'd be better if you were OOCly unaware as well as ICly.

Use Case:

Two players are RPing in public, one needs to step away, the other will take the same moment to take a whiz, both go @ooc. They need to know when the other party is done and returning.

Do we support this use case or do we hide the enter/exit message?

I'd say to keep it the way it is, or at least use a vague message "Someone returns to the @IC world"

How about that?

Keep the Enter & Leave notifications