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@profile ideas
Help players play with each other

How about a new field on @profile where players could (if they want) describe their preferred/typical playing times?
I think this is a great idea.

It does have the potential for abuse. Because it would allow player A to hide outside player B's cube 5 minutes before their regular log on time. But if people are worried about that then they can just not set their times.

I thought that at first too, but if you're targeting a specific person, you most likely already have figured out their usual playing times anyways.
Honestly, the contact information needs to be updated a little, who still uses AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN? What about Steam, Discord, etc?
I've always thought it was kind of odd there's an @profile command which makes ooc communication so easy, when that's a big problem, as well as making some character's history's public.

Not saying it should be removed or anything, just my two cents.

Our plan is to move profiles off the MOO entirely and dissociate them with characters. Turn them into web based things only.

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