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@see-thru and adjustable coverage
always room for improvement

SO, what if we could set an item's @see-thru on a part by part basis like with the coverage system? If I have, say, a mask with a clear visor, shouldn't my eyes still be visible while the mask conceals my head, or mouth and nose? The eyes -are- in fact covered, so they -should- be represented as such, but the whole item is not see-thru, so -it shouldn't- be represented as such. No idea what kind of coding a change like this involves, just offering some ideas for the massive 'List' :)

Also, perhaps being able to add a command to certain items that would allow for manipulation of movable parts that would change the coverage of an item?

Ie: - adjustable visors or other eye-wear

- gas-masks that can be worn around the neck or atop the head normally, and then put on functionally when called for.

Other functions of dynamic coverage could be fun, too. Like, perhaps, the addition of a command that lets someone attempt to pull a hat down over your eyes, or a shirt up over your head (hockey-fight style) to blind you momentarily. A contested action of course, rolls against appropriate skill checks and blah blah. Or simple things like rolling up ones sleeves, that can convey a lot in terms of RP and posing, which of course can always be done instead, but why not support it in-game with the mechanics?

Anyways, done rambling fer now