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@shortdesc addition for M+F

How about adding "Urchin" to shortdescs? I see a few NPCs with that shortdesc but there doesn't appear to be one in the @shortdesc change command list.
Take a look at the 'appear' command.
The problem with the appear command is that it will give you the ze/zir pronouns if you're using a gender neutral term when that might not be desired.
Isn't the appear command for disguising yourself? Surely if you're aiming that to be your actual characters appearance you'll want it in Shortdescs?

Thank you for the advice regarding appear though!

Short answer, technically, but its just a command that does the same thing as @shortdesc but allows you to appear differently than your characters base sex.
Taking "urchin" out of "appear" and adding it to the regular short-description for use with the normal he/she pronouns sounds like a good idea to me.