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@Skintone Modification
Are we ready to taste the rainbow?

The proposition below is a bold one and one I think we would need to undertake responsibly as a community. The question is, are we ready to change what skintone means socially in-game?

As it stands now, @skintone is free to use (responsibly) as you see fit and limited to the nude equivalents you would find around the world today.

I propose we lockdown @skintone after 30-days of play and provide a wide variety of methods to alter it in-game. The goal would be to create an environment where it's easy to take a dip in the extreme color wheel but expensive or otherwise time-consuming to modify nude color.

Cosmetic injections would be made widely available to turn your skin a primary color such as red, green, blue, purple, etc. These would be accessibly priced at 5000c so everyone could get in on the fun and it would be commonplace to see a literal rainbow of people on the street.

However, lightening or darkening would require exposure to badlands sun, tanning beds at Uphoria, or prolonged life underneath the dome. In the instance of the badland, Tanlines symbolized as discrepancies in @skintone between @nakeds would be an instantly recognizable feature of someone who spends time outside the dome.

It would commonplace to inject multiple color palettes in an attempt to reach the perfect shade. Naturally, this process with be rife with error if not done by the proper medical professional and it wouldn't be uncommon to left a blotched mess if done improperly.

@skintone would reset upon clone death or a Palette Clearer injection that would cost 50,000c.

I recognize there's an opportunity for makeup to be utilized to alter @skintone as well but I really do not want that. I think letting it die off as a repugnant past time as we did with powdered wigs is appropriate thematically if not mechanically. It's been suggested to use makeup as a mean to hide tattoo though and I think that is super appropriate feature to add.

I think altered skintone should also have a place in someone's @shortdesc just like a hairdo. I.E. A well-dress chen with deep purple skin.


+1!!!! This sounds amazing and is exactly the sort of transhumanism that Withmore needs!
I like the idea of locking skintone after a fixed period of having it set.

I think I'd rather have corporate people doing jobs to make custom skin tones a thing over a vendor/shoppable item, though.

There's a bunch of other shit that I'd really prefer to see in shortdescs that have definitive impacts on gameplay that currently aren't being shown, such as character build whenever someone gets DIRTY.

I love this idea, especially the color options and the tanning/paleing options. Both I think would be great mechanics to help set people apart in a way that isn't as customized as a biomod, but still be a unique feature. Also, could be used in the opposite way to become something unique to draw off people, then get the anti-injection to then disappear.

Either way +1

I think I'd rather have corporate people doing jobs to make custom skin tones a thing over a vendor/shoppable item, though.

@TalonCzar: While I think this makes sense as being thematically classist - I think making skintone no longer a social construct should be prioritized in the name of meta and transhumanism theme.

It'd be awesome if we can use some of the paint colors for cars as skintones too. Imagine having metallic scarlet skin - incredible!
Tanning beds for NLM?

Pale-ifying rooms for VS?

I think making certain colors in the @256-color wheel exclusive to corporations would be interesting if there was a way to "forge" them.
While I like that idea, rather not read whole blocks of text in chartreuse.

Something along those lines though, yes.

I don't personally have an issue with @skintone being left up to player control. I've never seen it abused, and the only times I can really remember seeing it change on characters is a single shade lighter or darker probably as much for readability as anything.

Having transhumanist options would be great though. Biomods are pretty meh, allowing them to use custom colors in descriptions would make them actually better than @nakeds rather than worse as they are now. I really wanted to see colour added to tattoos in some way, but by any standard biomods should probably get the love first.

... doesn't Metachrosis Skin already do this?
Find out IC.