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Reverse Lookup

I think the @slang command could benefit from reverse lookup. That way when someone uses a word we (or new players) aren't entirely familiar with, we can just use @slang to figure it out.


@slang scan

'scan' is slang for the following: understand

very much behind this idea, would help everyone stay in, and reinforce theme so much
I, too, like this.

I "hear" something and don't even know what to look for in the @slang.

What would need to be done to do this though?

What kind of help, if any, would be needed?

Shouldn't require much at all. I assume the values are kept in an array. All that Johnny (or whoever writes the code) needs to do is have it search the values as well, and print the key value. Pretty absurdly simple, actually, unless there's some weird quirk with this language.
Ha, I actually thought @slang already worked that way. Well it totally should! Makes it much easier, would be neat if it gave a list with the reverse of the other slangs as well as the base meaning.