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@stats clone info
just a little idea

In @stats, when you have no clone, the clone text is red.

How about colour coding the clone text based on the amount of time between clones.

For blue when your clone is a week old, green when they are 2 weeks old, yellow when they are 3 weeks old, and orange for 4 weeks or older.

Just a little cosmetic thing that may not be worth the coding time, but could be a quick visual reminder for players.

This could be fun

Why not have reminders sent out over the SIC, a targeted variation on SIC ads. Same result, but IC. I'd even go so far as to suggest taking it off @stats entirely... maybe keep it as a training feature for newbs then switch it off after a few months and make them rely on IC reminders.

Extra amusing the first time someone gets a SIC reminder that they don't have a clone in the middle of a gunfight.

Not every character has a SIC implant.

Not every player has a Mr. Studd either.

Most of the system in-game are designed to cater to the majority. If a player goes out of their way to exclude themselves from that - then they face the consequences. (There are lots of negatives about not having a SIC. Positives too, albeit)

...but an IC clone reminder system seems cool to me. Even if it neglects the sicless.

I don't agree. Sometimes it is not intentional, it is part of RP and a story arc for characters.

But if we simply want to cater to the majority, go right ahead.

Part of RP and story arc is dealing with consequences though, right?

Sometimes those consequences suck. I've been on the short end of the stick...more then once to say the least.

A sic based system seems cool to me...and the memory command can always be used instead of @stats. Your opinion is important though and valid. Honestly, it's nice to hear someone is living off the grid for once.

Personally I agree with all the points Reefer has made. I can see some validity in what you're saying about characters without SIC, but to me IC information is IC and should be handled as such.

Honestly, I think the information as it stands in @stats is useless to anyone except newbies. Any experienced player should know that they're cloneless and vulnerable when they pop out of the vats.

And I'm saying this as someone who came of really badly from not knowing how old my clone data was (read: years). :DReeferMadness