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Different rooms, different ways of sleeping!

This command would be serve a similar purpose as @temp_place me, but for sleeping. The idea here is that you'd be able to sort of pose your character in a certain room-specific/temporary way for others to see.

For instance, @temp_sleep me is "sleeping here, propped up against the wall clutching a letter."

This would display instead of your regular @sleep_place me UNLESS you are (a) moved or (b) your body is manipulated in someway (looted, pickpocketed, something is planted on you, etc.), in which case your normal @sleep_place me is displayed. Maybe some flavor text could be added to signify this change, like "X rolls around in their sleep, readjusting themselves." or something to that degree.

I think this would be pretty useful to have and would love to see it added.

Is the point of this to see if you were moved/pickpocketed etc while asleep? Otherwise all of this can be achieved by using the existing @sp command.
Yeah, same way that @temp_place is used for if you move from a room.

It would help curb seeing things like, "X is sleeping on the comfortable bed, wrapped in a blanket while holding their stuffed animal in their hands." from people who forget to change their @sp and fall asleep somewhere besides the original place they intended to have fallen asleep.