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@untrust all

There is currently a bug where if someone is disguised and not in the room, you can't untrust them. There may be other reasons why it might not work idk.

@untrust all would clear your @trusted list, which would circumvent a bug which I am guessing might be difficult to fix.

thank you and god bless


Bonus points if the message is like, "You no longer trust anyone or anything."

+1, and

This would come in handy.

I'm not 100% sure but I think vehicle authorizations might have the same problem. I'd support a command to clear that list completely too.

For vehicles you just reset the system.
I think I tried to make this a thing at one point but because of the way the trust system works I couldn't do it. I will look into it again.
I was wrong, this was easy and is a thing now.
Also, don't put 'aaaa' for your subtitle, put a real sub title that describes at least briefly what the post is about.