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-Very- slow burning.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Seven

So, I was on late last night, and my char falls asleep in his cube as usual. I come on today, and wake my char up, and he's still got a cigarette in his hand. I'm not sure if its possible or easy or anything, but couldn't there be a timer in the smoke, for say.. 5 minutes, thats about how long a smoke will burn if you just leave it alone. After the times up, it just burns itself out. It could not only make it more realistic, but it would save space in the moo for more important shit. I mean, how many times have you seen a cig just chillin on the ground, thats just a waste of space. Anyways, just an idea.

Along with food that rots and drinks that evaporate. It's already on the zee list :)

Now realistic would be the cigarette landing on the mattress and setting it on fire consuming the room. *coughs*

that would be funky

I've fallen asleep  with cigarettes in my hand many times, and have invisioned the new rose burnt to the ground, (or at least burnt severly) many times

Actually, cubes are these pre-built plastic box thingies installed into racks, aint they?

Look like lil self-contained firepits to me :P

a lit cig, a book of matches, a gallon of gas and a few well crumpled pieces of paper in a self contained plastic tomb.
and poof!

your snitch is toasted.

er.. i mean..

fire is -bad- kids.