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A new posture
I can't think of a good name for it

So, basically, a fighting posture for when you are attacking an enemy who is grappling someone, where you only attack when you're sure you're not going to hit the grappled person. It would be sort of like guarded, where you hang back and don't attack, unless the is an opening, reducing your chance of friendly fire. It wouldn't completely eliminate it, of course, depending on the stats and skills of those involved, but at least minimize it.

I like it but there is always the person twisting at the last moment out of the way and the person doing the grappling gets hit.

But that would be handy considering somewhat the experience I've had with that. Interest sown.

I call this posture @luck.

You can't always win. The best you can do is pray to your god and keep rowing.

ha, Refer. Good point. Luck.

The one being grappled wouldn't hold still at all when trying to escape. I still like the idea though I don't know what it would entail.