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Add bright text to loud spoof

Simple idea: when you emote loudly and then spoof, the text should be bright white like posing and emoting are.
very practical and useful idea

Seen many performances, etc, try and use spoofs to allow a sense of narrative coherence and audience reaction as well as flow to be there. And fall flat because their spoofs while they displayed to everyone didn't see it in a crowded room.

Eh... I'm not totally sold on this. Emote and posing is your character doing a specific action. Spoofing might include your character but is typically used for situations regarding ambience. Not sure if -should- work the same. Still open to hearing more feedback about it.
Yes please. It's difficult to see a spoof through all the madness happening at an event with a lot of players as it is right now.

The main place spoofing occurs in my experience is during performances, typically at bars, when the performer is trying to either set ambiance or just use a language construction that doesn't start with their own name, for the sake of variety. The spoof still has to include their name anyway.

I've never really seen spoofing for anything other than performance or ambiance setting by club employees, and the point of emoting it loudly would be the former. For context, I thought of this idea when writing a performance and practicing it and noticing that spoofs don't show up brightly.

+1, agreed with Crooknose.
I'd still appreciate this.

Or at the very least, spoof loudly or something similar.

Agree with Slither that spoof is about ambiance, but Crook's comments are exactly why I'm +1 on this. The primary use case for spoof has been stage performers / club managers who want to create lighting or atmosphere and draw attention to it, and highlighted text would be perfect for them!
Sounds like we could solve the primary use case with a stage specific spoofing command instead of overpowering spoof everywhere then?