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Add new places to cabbie/driver navigation
What the fock yu nah know war dat pless be?

So, there are a -lot- of new places and quite a few old ones that NPC cabbies and drivers just don't know how to navigate to. Street intersections are especially difficult at times. This can make navigation a chore and a pain, especially if one wants a quick in and out of a specific location. So, I propose we start a list of places that need to be added to the NPC cabbie/driver database.  A few of my picks are:

-Intersections near places of interest throughout the City that are incredibly hard to get a cabby to navigate to such as Ashlin and Lamb's Wake.  I have to actually navigate to Jimmy's Drugs to get there regularly.

-All of the new obvious apartments throughout the City such as Tamiya Suites and Arborian Lofts (once it's finished). Keyword is obvious. There are plenty of places that maybe do -not- want to be advertised.

-Outside of existing store fronts or businesses such as Ambrosia.

-Possible GPS coordinates within the City that aren't on any specific map. (Far out there idea.)

Are there any places that all the rest of you think need to be updated for the cabbies?  Drop a line here.