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Additional cooking ideas

Just some ideas for the cooking system - which is pretty fun btw :) thanks for adding it in!



I was wondering if it's possible to get a few other meal 'types'.

At the moment, there are a few types of foods you can make, though most of them seem to be a variation of ingredients stuffed in bread. Some types I would love to see added:

- bowl (a bowl of fresh ingredients)

- entree (a plate of fresh ingredients)

- canape (a small canape of fresh ingredients)

- dessert (a sweet dessert)

- soup (a bowl of steaming soup)

- smoothie (a smoothie with fresh ingredients)

- pizza (a pizza with fresh ingredients)

- pasta (a bowl of pasta with fresh ingredients)

- sushi (a piece of sushi)

- and vegetables (a plate of fresh ingredients and vegetables) similar to "and rice" or "and noodles" dishes.

This would allow cooks to craft more variety and interesting foods.

(On this note, I'm not sure why there's 24 varieties of tea but only four different descriptions. One of them turned out to be spiced which was great but it should possible have spice in the name - is this a bug?)



I also think it would be great if we could get some more ingredients depending on where the grocery store is, for example mixers could use 'rat' and 'cat' meat. Corpies might have vat grown meats and synthetic fruits. Blue residents would have real spices and meat and fresh fruit/veg.

But regardless, some extra ingredients I think would be nice:

- black pepper

- ginger

- herbs (could be a blanket ingredient though individual ones would be really nice)

- spices (same as above)

- fish

- chicken/vegetable/beef broth (could just be 'broth' for less ingredients)

- potato

- honey/sugar/sweetener

- peanuts

Thanks for reading :)

+1, great idea.
I really agree. Cooking is pretty neat and this'd make it even better if we had extra stuff to work with.

Time to eat it all.