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Adjustable clothing
Slightly adjustable clothing

Essentially, I'm thinking that a lot of clothing should be adjustable. Probably just for like, aesthetics reasons as opposed to practical most times, though.

I thought of this when I got a hoodie, put it on, and tried to find some way to get the hood down. Cause what if I'm with some pals, and wanna be all friendly like? Show 'em my face without removing the entire hoodie.

Other things it could probably be done with;

-Some shirts, rolling the sleeves up

-Zip/Buttoning/unzipping/buttoning certain things, like suits or jackets

-folding the lapels of large coats upwards to cover the neck more

and so on. Maybe the command for it would be something like use hoodie/shirt/coat, something simple.

Like have two different @worn states and some kind of activation method to switch between them?

A lot of this case be done with teases and emotes, as well.