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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Nicadeamus

so, you know when you 'hide' something in a room, like your appartment. Well, wouldn't it be damn easy to find the shit you hid? Like, you put it there...why do you have to search like a billion times to find stuff rather than jsut go right to where you 'remember' it to be. It is madness I say! Madness.

My guess would be your perception SUCKS!, or is at least not proportionate to the other skills involved.

But I'll take a look at it to be sure there's no glaringly obvious mistakes in the code, and consider adding a 'Recently Hidden' list to your person...



The point isn't that 'perception' would suck.

The point is that perception is irrelevant.

If you go stick your porn under your bed in a box or something, well, when you come back a few hours later you won't spend the next 2 days sitting in your god damned appartment tearing it appart trying to find the porn you -know- is under your bed.

Unless you are retarded.

Which I am not. Usually.

In my case I must have spent about 1 hour simply typing 'search' and waiting for it to do it's thing. Looking for an item I -JUST- hid. Which is, by they way, utter bull.

(Edited by Nicadeamus at 1:52 pm on May 4, 2004)

Which brings us to another idea.  There should be tv remotes in game that automatically hide themselves when you put them down, like in real life.

DAMN! Where's my remote?

Don't forget car keys that walk off by themselves.

Ok, well back to the subject of the post.  Personally I think searching for a ginven object wouldn't be a bad idea.  Say if your the one that hid it, ya know it's there, so you "search for MK23-S" and you don't waste your time picking up everything else you've hidden in your room.  But it just seems as though it's more trouble than it's worth. So you spend an extra 5 minutes looking for something that you know is there,  Yeah maybe it's unrealistic to some, but I forget where I put my cigarettes down 5 minutes after I set them down sometimes.  If your alone in your room it's really no problem, if you there are other's present what's the harm in playing it as you've had a minor brain fart and can't remember where you stuck what your looking for?  I'll use the Mix for an example, just cause that's where most of the playerbase is located.  Ya spend most of the day drinking, fighting, doing drugs, walking around on streets while sewage rains down upon ya, could it not be said there are more important things on your mind than where ya hid that pair of Thermo Goggles, or that extra P7 you've had lying around for a month.  Your characters memory isn't your own, you may remember where he/she put it, but it doesn't mean he/she will.

Just to play the devil's advocate.  It would, however be bad if your getting jumped as soon as you enter your spot and you forgot where that .45 is.  

And if your getting jumped in said spot what makes you think your going to be able to get to where you hid it at?  I'm not even sure you can search while in combat, and if you can, you shouldn't.

For me, its the oposite of what Bixby said.  I think my char -should- remember things.  Like if someone has told them there name, or not, what people look like, where the god damn thermos are hidden.  But I alas, cannot.  Not that theres a coded way this can be fixed.  But seriously, I hid a progia one time.  In a very very small room, and I could not find it.  At all.  I mean, that recently hidden list idea sounds good too me.