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Does the martial arts one apply to all of the capoera/krav maga etc? I know that's a silly question, but also does martial arts apply to any weapons other than the bo, and how, if at all is it affected by other schools of martial arts?

I assume "street fighting" means brawling only, but that's not totally explicit.

There is one to rig-diffuse explosives, but not one for the -explosives- skill explicitly. Maybe these should be combined...

I thought I had something else about this too. damn..

Ok, I've been set straight on the melee-martial arts and weapons situation. Martial arts is never for weapons (except maybe brass knuckles?) Melee is for everything else.

I do think the rigging/explosives thing still should be considered.

Oh, also there's not a munitions, or languages one.

So ya, advantages

There's one for drug manufacture, but not ammunition or explosives manufacture.

Those descriptions were made prior to explosives skill being expanded, and there was only ONE ammunition crafting station in the game at the time as well.

I think the bonus applies to the skill itself, not to the specific actions described on there.. Could be wrong though.

Ya, personally I think it'd be awesome if there were just 1 munitions advantage that encompassed all of that, I don't know if that's really the intended format of them though. Either way It would be nice if they were briefly re-visited, and possibly reset if changed.
Well the ammunition station does use the munitions skill and I know that the Firearm Maintenance advantage does boost the munitions skill since they're all the same skill check.... Sooooo.. I think it's likely that it effects the ammunition


Same skillcheck would apply to the explosives creation too I imagine.

You know what, I take that back... I just remembered something I was told when Advantages were created... They're not a skill boost like a skillsoft, rather they're a bonus to a check or a specific task, so you might be right in that they're not prepared for those particular activities... Nice catch if it turns out that way. Shoddy memory is shoddy.
Aaaah, see that makes sense, I just assumed from the way it was worded that it somehow only affected rigging grenades and not all of the munitions skills, you're sure it works this way?
Whoops sorry missed your post, but ya it seems that maybe that should be considered I know quite a few things have changed since they were created.
Okay, so I've been looking over the advantages myself lately. Just some things I noticed that don't seem to be representing the skills fully. I'll go ahead and list what I've noticed so far. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding, or if you see any that I missed.

For starters, is it -really- necessary for two advantages solely aimed at assisting grid hacking, plus a third for hacking/mods? Seems a bit like overkill to me.

Secondly, there's a couple things I noted with combat bonuses:

-There's a plain "bonus to" advantage for SMG's or Heavy Weapons, yet only a "lesser bonus to all" advantage for Pistols or Rifles. Is that just a wording difference?

-Also a bonus with nailz/knives, one with long blades, and one with blunt weapons. Is blunt just another way of saying melee for purposes of the game? Specifically in my mind, where would a hatchet, for example, fall into those three?

Thirdly, I see an advantage for tracking and corpse inspection, as well as one for selling and haggling, but nothing for item inspection.

And finally, I feel like there should be an advantage for drug use as well as manufacture.. You can't tell me that some people don't know how to get higher off of a substance than others. Get more of a benefit, a clean high, with much less of a downside, easier come-downs, less negative effects. I've seen this in practice in my own life and think it would be a great addition to the game. Just not sure how it could work.

I could very well be wrong here because I'm calling on memories of OOC chat right after these were implemented but here we go.

There are different skills that apply to the actions behind hacking a node and I believe having two advantages covers them all.

I believe the lesser bonuses were put there because those particular weapons were already on the more powerful side in regards to the other ones in the game.

Melee is a skill for weapons that are not knives,or sword, a hatchet, a cricket bat, etc those are melee weapons, including the pick axe.

Item inspection accuracy I believe is covered by the same skill and stats utilized by selling and haggling on the market.

There were talks about "traits" in addition to "advantages" in regards to stats down the line back there, obviously nothing has come of that yet, but the ability to make better use of drugs would be more of a "trait" I think than a skill advantage.

Also... I believe there's already a solution for that type of thing you've described in game.

Hope that helps.