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Advertisements for NLM boards

I realise that people have already been posting them, by people I mean characters with businesses, but as my character was wandering around NLM today I thought it might be a cool idea to have a classifieds/ad desk at NLM where people with businesses who want advertisements. Maybe not those as slick as the ones that are on the NLM for the places like Carnal and the Red Canary, just ordinary text ones. They could pay for the advertisements with a terminal, it would probably easier than having an NPC there and then put it in a special forum for advertisements. Sort of like a NLM yellow pages.

On another note, it would be kind of cool to see more of the advertisements that are there for the npc type businesses like Neo-Trans and stuff. Those are awesome. I love them. They add such realism to using the quickterm site.

Why plain text ones?
Photoshop is only about 400 bucks, y'know. An educational license is even less. An 'illegitimate' license is 'free'. Couple that to the wealth of royalty-free, stock photography you can find online and it's an advertiser's paradise.

The image dimension is 500x60. You can send me any 500x60 and I'll upload it for inclusion (I'd like to keep each banner as small file size-wise as possible though).
Then we can RP out the actual inclusion of the ad by NLM for a IC fee.

I will also take any ideas for banners and do them up. Just give me a general idea of what you want, text, graphics, etc. or send me the stuff and I'll throw it in Photoshop... since I'm a bit jaded right now with things, perhaps some graphics work will fix me up.