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Thoughs on Afterthoughts

I recently visited afterthoughts...I love it.  The code with the holograms is superb.  It is setup nice and easy to use.

Bu t I noticed it cost money to view a there an option to pay that for a few people, or to notify people?

I was just curious you may go spend x amount to record the messege.  But maybe no one knows?  Is there a way to like make a list of people who will get mail via NLM to notify them a messege is waiting.

Then a way that you could possibly pay the fee for them, so they don't have to?

There are optional packages that offer a number of free viewings, meaning that the first X people to view it, wouldn't have to pay.

There is not a notification system, but, there is no reason why there couldn't be one.

Yeah I think it would be cool, maybe list the 5 people who get a free view, instead, of just the first...then make a list of the people who you want to notify.  It would be nice.