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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Gerik

Booze that actually gets you drunk when you drink it.

Yeah, I like it, it could start slurring your words so people would hear some of your sentences in fragments or as if you mumbled them.

And if you tried to go north, you might accidentally go south or fall over. Things like that.  

Plus it could dim some of your stats that are combat oriented, resulting in interesting drunken bar brawls! :)

You could.....wait for it.....roleplay this as happening and save the coders time so they can work on things like combat and armour instead.

That said, ultimately, yes it would be nice to have when the coding is all finished but its something we can really roleplay and isn't needed quickly.

I roleplay being drunk all the time. Yes, that's right, Chas is a drunk. But everyone should have known that by now. That way, you get to create what your character's quirks are when they get drunk. Everyone in real life is different, so why not IC? I have a friend who becomes the most social person in the world, it's absolutely hilarious. But yes, anyway, back to the point, roleplaying drunkenness can be far more amusing than having it coded. You never know who you can get to walk ya home :wink:

Yep, but the lack of coordination associated with consumption of alcohol can't be roleplayed in any coded context. If you're hammered, do you still notice Billy Joe Bob, the Ninja Redneck, creeping through the Mix?

Say, Bob the Drunk gets assaulted in the street after chugging down a bottle of cheap spirits - does that mean that as soon as Todd the Mugger takes out his pipe, Bob is suddenly sober superman again?

i guess lack of coordination and lowered perception are among a few of the things that come down to uhm... the honor system? i mean... i�ve role played Bias drunk a fair bit now (weee the pretty colours!), and i know that if she was drunk she'd do stupid things, like run around the streets pestering people without having a clone, weapon anything, passing out drunk for a night outside, 'trying' to get into fights (yes... trying..) stupid things that a stupid drunk confused girl would do... getting "lost" on the streets, forgetting things..  blah blah blah
such things as perception can be RPd as well... just because you get the message "you spot Bob the goat killer sneaking in from the north." doesn't mean you should ACT on this info if you are downing your 10th shot�... pretend your char is drunk and talking with the bottle of beer/street lamp/pink elephant, not suddenly sober and notices every stealthy movement of the throngs of people around you.

though the only thing i see that can't be RPd... is fighting...

you can't take advantage of someone being drunk to attack/rob/sacrifice them to your gods...  because as soon as the drunk victim is attacked, their super human strength, cat like reflexes, mountain goat like balance... etc� swing into play. and after downing 20 beers in a row.. it's the rare person who has all their wits about them and  fights as if they where sober�

I have to say I agree with the ladies. It would be one thing to have your stats alter slightly and get something like: Tash is wobbling slightly - added to your description and another to have coded messages for being drunk.

I am as certain people know a whole other kind of person when I am drunk and my husband behaves an entirely different way.

I'd hate to see coded messages for being drunk like there are for smoking cause...lets face it the smoking ones suck. We've all said it.  People behave differently, drink differently, fight differently.

And much like Bias said if you're playing your char as being drunk just ignore the stuper neenja with two tone neenja boots sneaking in the window or maybe laugh at them and point them out to everyone else.

Sadly, if we implemented coded drunkiness, only half the players would drink anymore cause they wouldn't want to lower their stats.

No one plays a drug addict for the same reason, the only time any of you use drugs is 1.) to see what the effect is and 2.) before combat.

So much for a roleplaying game.

BAH! i say... bah! the best part of the game i've seen is when people role-play human frailties. insanity, pettiness, vindictiveness, etc etc and being a drunk is one of these frailties! come ON people... yes you might have a super stah character but EVERYONE has frailties... and makes stupid mistakes like getting drunk in a bar letting their guard down... dooo eeet.

if people are simply worried about their stats lowering temporarily. well... BAH... is all i have to say to that.

*wanders off grumbling*

but...  uhm...

*comes back*

about those drugs... are the effects coded? because Bias has accidentally tried a drug, (yes accidentally... a matter of mixed up commands)... and no messages popped up saying �you have the strength of a team of rabid oxen now, go kill something!!� or "you are currently hallucinating white rabbits. Have a nice day.�  i mean. i know what drugs are in the game... where to get them if i wanted to.. but other then combat enhancers no one can tell me what any of them DO so if i was to want to turn bias into a druggy, i wouldn�t know how to RP her when it came to the drugs� i mean the pretty tabs of paper like shtuff sure as hell don't remind me of any combat enhancers... but maybe that�s just me� hehe.

Do we give you IC messages when you raise a stat in any other manner?