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Alerting people in an adjoined room of your presence
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

We know about shouting, of course, but what about other ways? Knocking for doors is good and already implemented, but how about shaking and rattling chain-link fences to try and alert someone in the opposite room to your presence (but not alert say, the whole neighborhood)? Firing guns into the sky is another good idea that has been mentioned elsewhere, but would probably take more time to implement (and I believe is already on 'the list'). Just shooting out ideas here. Any comments or other ideas?

I always thought something like 'to east Yo!', would be cool.  Maybe depending on your perception you hear what the person in the oposite room said, or it comes out kinda like a whisper or a person talking on a phone sounds, or it could be like 'You hear a muffled voice from the east'.