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All you CP Artists

Hey everyone.  We are looking for some good descriptions.  This is what I would like to see.  Various descriptions of digital paintings to encorperate into the game.  I have seen alot of you rp and pose and you are some of the best in creativity I have seen in any game that I have played and or administrated, so lets see what you have.

Feel free to either post your descriptions here or mail them to [email protected]  I would like to get the groundwork on this by the 15th of December if posible. thanks.

WHat are these digital paintings for? Corpie realm? or Bob forbid the mixers have paintings too...


Well, since I am one of the GMs working on the Tower Redesigns I asked for it to aid with the towers.  I see it in this light however.  The more peices of art I have at my disposal the more we can put into the game.  So feel free to let your talent shine be it that scummy mixxer p0rn painting to a digital representation of a rose :)  the digital canvas is yours so to speak.