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Allow Gangers to See Blood Trades
Without needing to have money left on their weekly earning

Currently if you are fully out of automated money to earn from automatic systems. The gangers will say, "Nah, maybe on friday" or something similar when asked if they need anything.

My suggestion is thus, with high enough rep, or at a certain status, maybe a pledge, asking a ganger what they need, won't trigger an automatic no. But instead would give you a list, "Yeah, I need this, this and maybe this, but not right now I got bizz." Or something like that.

Currently there are ways around this, but they involve side door RP that doesn't really make sense. "Let me escort you around so that you can talk to my bloods and I can listen in to know what they want, to go get and give that thing to you to give to them." It's circuitous and means that a lot of the time. When with the system I've proposed above, you get a more natural, survey turf, and then find someone, "Hey, here's the shit, go to STREET AND STREET, and give it to the banished bald chicka there. Tell him that Mad Gooser Gasoline sent you with that."

Wow it ate a sentence there.

It's circuitous and means that a lot of the time, it's hard to find out if someone has come in and given everyone what they need. Reliant on finding a friend who hasn't run stuff that week.

Ehhhhh. A simple alternative about it is to not just rush to deliver your share, but use runners from the start, if you are that concerned with surveying the streets.
Also, you don't need to escort the runners, I would say that is key where you are doing it wrong. Send the guy to ask, see what the street needs and tell you. You then give them shit and they deliver it. Of course, this comes with a chance of getting ripped off, but that's just more fun RP.
Yeah, this makes sense. Little quality of life thing that lets directing gangers do more directing and less escorting hapless immies around turf like a tour guide.

I'm all for it.