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Allow the Cratelords to use new words
Hey, do you need anything delivered?

It's a little weird, to have to work one of the two words that are acknowledged by them into your asking them for a crate, to that end I'd support the inclusion of the following words into their parser.


Can I deliver something for you? Can I make a delivery? Can I do a delivery? And the sup title for this.


Got any crates to run for me? Can I run a crate?


Do you need anyone to take a shipment? Do you want me to run some shipments?


Got any tasks you need done?

There could be more that others could think of, but I think this is a list that could be agreed upon as to allow us more freedom in how we choose to interact with this system in character, rather than forcing us to use the two or so words in there that already work.

It's a very minor change, but one I think would be a good idea.

More than two words, but this is good.