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Am On TV

So I heard some rumor about how every time you gouge a corpse's eye out, your charisma is permanently lowered. Is the BS or what? Cause it sounds like BS to me.

But it got me thinking. What sort of actions would it be cool if we got rewarded for automatically (stats/cash?)

Someone had a thread mentioning cash rewards for writing news stories or just some gossip and sending it in to NLM. Ok, we can debate the implementation of that one all day, but I like it.

How about a stat bonus if you write an submit a babble-on script to the GMs? Doesn't have to be a huge bonus but come on, how much user-generated content would that give our admin to choose from? Could be very good for both sides of the house.

Every time you're on TV, your charisma should go up. Even if it's as a wanted criminal, people are going to see you and now react to you differently.

I had another one but I forgot it. Will post more later.

You want us to bestow favor on those who contribute to the game?

SD is a non-profit. We're a community. Either you make us stronger or slow us down. It's a beautiful thing. If you wanna be rewarded by giving to the game: Contribute something you would love to see in the game.

Quote: from Lena on 4:07 pm on Mar. 6, 2009[br]So I heard some rumor about how every time you gouge a corpse's eye out, your charisma is permanently lowered. Is the BS or what? Cause it sounds like BS to me.

It's not BS unless it's been changed. It was a rather rudimentary mechanic to discourage excessive killing and eye gouging to open retinal doors, which wasn't a great idea in the first place.

Long story short, someone didn't like the fact retinal doors were impenetrable so coded the gouged eyes which pretty much screwed retinal doors so the CHR penalty was added to give some balance. It's crude, lacked any real skill checks and didn't balance with other door types.

iirc it was a bone of contention between two admin whose alts were essentially either side of a retinal door.

(Edited by Rastus2 at 7:26 pm on Mar. 6, 2009)

Quote: from Lena on 4:07 pm on Mar. 6, 2009[br]
Every time you're on TV, your charisma should go up. Even if it's as a wanted criminal, people are going to see you and now react to you differently.

What you're talking about is reputation, not charisma.  Charisma is, in the case of SD anyways, the sum of your physical attractiveness and your personality, how charming you are and such.  So, a person who was meeting you for the first time would only have your charisma to judge you by.  However, if that person had heard of you and some crazy thing you had done, they would likely put more weight on that.  Just cause someone happens to have been shown on TV doesn't make them more charismatic.  You could put the ugliest, most boring dumb fuck on a major TV show and he'd probably get laid because of it, but that doesn't make him charismatic.  It just gives him a reputation.
On another note, I didn't even know that was what eye gouging was for.  I thought it was for bounties or something.  Now that I know, Imma go open me some doors.
Also, I would just like to say
Thank you, that is all.

Ya Hiro, don't waste your time, that rule has since been changed,  from what I've been told by the big guy retinal doors now require a -living- eye.   I'm not here to argue wether that's right or not, but that's the standing rule last I knew.   But to agree with you ya, I always thought that it was for collecting bounties at fugitive trackers before it got all changed around.   I think the eye gouging causing you to loose charisma is total bullshit tho and I've also never even known that's the case.    I think a way to signify your "rep/street cred/whatever is a totally great idea.  I think that rewarding characters IC'ly for IC submissions of data and stories to NLM is also a totally wonderful idea.   I think once you cross the line between rewarding a character for something a player's done OOC'ly your treading in dangerous water.   Something like giving you a point of charisma for doing -whatever- seems harmless enough, but if it ever made it to the point where any stats that affect combat/stealing/breaking into stuff or otherwise damaging actions could be upped via voting/writing a story or babble on script/donating, or any other ooc activity, It'd be horrendously unfair and I think there would be people that would re-consider continuing to play the game. I would.  

I wonder how many people gouged out eyes simply because they could without knowing there was a penalty for it...

I think players should be rewarded for contributions they make to the game ICly. But OOC benefits scare me a bit... I really hate those games that make you 100x better than everyone else as soon as you start making financial donations and etc. But on the other hand, if small achievements will create a bunch of needed content, it may be a temporary solution... As soon as those characters die off we'll all benefit.

Also, if you appear on TV you -should- get a whole lot of recognition for it.  A boost to CHA makes sense to some extent since the results of being on TV and having a higher CHA are quite similar. �But if people treat the game like code rather than the real world then a stat boost for being on TV has the potential for abuse.

(Edited by Cryer at 2:31 pm on Mar. 7, 2009)

I gouged a number of eyes out, had no idea there was a penalty.. Hah.. I ate them. They were chewy.
So, to summarize...

1) We still don't know if this eye gouging thing actually permanently lowers charisma, or is even useful IC because the reason for the gouge code may have been lost. But it is still fun to do.

2) No we won't get rewarded for doing scripts because, like the GMs, we should strive only get that warm fuzzy feeling that we're not 'slowing the game down' (Otaku).

3) Hirononbu Am On TV. Along with anybody else that wants to establish a reputation.

In response:

Gouging an eye DOES cause your charisma to drop under SOME circumstances.  I will leave it to people to figure out on their own what those circumstances may be.  If you think about it realistically you may be able to ICly prevent a loss of charisma.