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Ambient SIC Conversations
More than one-liners.

The randoms on the SIC network could be designed to (every few days or so?) have one ambient nobody ask a question or make a remark, then another ambient nobody respond to them (positively or negatively, or with correct or incorrect answers), perhaps in such a way that other nobodies or players would be prompted to jump in and respond. The nobodies could get into arguments, arrange to meet each other somewhere, make threats, inquire about why the other nobody stopped talking, debate the meaning of life, and so on. With a bit more work, nobodies could ask simple questions like what road a certain place is on and have a timer before confirming whether answers are correct, but that would probably get irritating. Endless opportunities for noise, in any case!

This is already possible via SIC scripting.  I'll contact you on XHELP about giving you access to the scripting forum.

Two NPCs geting in an argument over SIC (gangs?) and then meet up at a pseudo-random location and "settle" things has so much potential. Not only would it add ambiance but if a PC decided to step in when a GM was around that could set off a whole chain of events. Or have random mixers wander onto Gold and NPC Judges take care of them. As long as this isn't happening every 10 minutes and becomes so predictable that we know exactly how things will go down this could work. Perhaps events could be triggered when one or more wandering NPCs find themselves on the wrong guys turf. If I get some time this weekend I'll be willing to work on some scripts.