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ambient sounds on proggy
Television, crowd-noise, wind, etc

Something I think would be interesting and make it a little harder on the mixers amongst us is if the lower progia lines had more sensitive mics. And occasionally would pick up sounds or people talking in the room you are in. More than just shouting.

Red is supposed to be packed in, so it is strange you can be in a packed bar room and talk on the phone completely unimpeded without some asshole being an asshole around you, and fucking up the call. And for other reasons, being on top of a tower outside of it would probably be windy as fuck and that would inhibit talking on the proggia as well.

And like certain rooms could be quieter, with some rooms having fairly guaranteed chance of being able to talk on the proggy without some dumbass farting on the mic. Just cause you're placing a call in public. Maybe have it be determined by the same system that causes attention to be a factor in crowded rooms.

Ideally this could be done with an iterative improvement with each better model of progia having better ambient noise cancelling.

I understand it's a lot of effort but this isn't the "Plausible Ideas" board it's the "Ideas". And I had this idea and thought it would be kinda cool.

I have another interesting suggestion, but that's for another thread I'll write in a bit. May take a day or so to let it percolate.

I think something like this has been suggested before.