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Androgynous shortdescs for her/him
Because some of us hate 'zir'.

Basically explains it all. I love some of the androgynous shortdescriptions, but absolutely loathe using 'zir'. Is this possible?
The current issue as I understand it is that most clothing in the game has been written in the form "%S wears a sweet Deathball cap atop %p head," which would badly resolve to "They wears" if we added support for they/them pronouns. For the moment, a good solution to this problem hasn't been found.

I think that what's being asked for is neutral shortdescs with binary pronouns, which seems entirely fair considering you can have opposite binary pronouns to your shortdesc.


That is indeed what I meant.

I have heard of the 'they' issue, so I understand that won't be happening. Though I would like to be able to use the androgynous shortdescs with the female/male pronouns. I get that might take away a bit from the idea of how they were designed, though I'm incredibly tempted to suffer through 'zir' simply because I adore so many of the andro shortdescs.