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Anonymous Help
Because why not?

I'd really like to see, at least the option, of setting up an OOC handle for use on the Game-Help channel. I don't personally care if anyone knows I'm helping someone, and I don't see anyone abusing the help-channel by becoming anonymous.

This would benefit the game because you could freely help a newbie without giving away your IC presence. As it is, you could be wearing a disguise, be completely off SIC, haven't seen another character in days, and then help someone on the SIC and suddenly everyone knows you're around.


Breaking IC immersion to help out a newbie should be strictly optional.

Another +1 from me.

I like this idea.

Besides the prevention of giving IC info, it can also help prevent new players that are being helped from meta-ing on accident.

This is nice.

If you are disguised, it doesn't affect the game help channel.

It does affect your notes (I found that interesting).

Right now it's a trust that someone doesn't use that game help channel data to think you're around when maybe you've never been around at that time before. Or at least not active.

I don't mind that.

I don't know if new players will use that on accident but maybe.

Now I have to remember my idea. ;)

This channel will now use your @who alias / BGBB alias. Anonymous would be confusing.