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Anonymous large event feedback
Help the world be better by leveraging the community

There was an event recently, one that had what I felt was a sizable amount of the community present. I will obviously not go into the details but do feel like from me personally there is some criticism of how it was handled, yet no place to really direct that criticism in a meaningful way personally or as a community (if there is criticism beyond my own).

I felt like the event was railroaded to a conclusion particular conclusion.

That key themely player points were missed or ignored in favour of this conclusion.

That themely general information was ignored in favour of this conclusion.

Now, I could be the only person who thinks this (I hope I am), I do not believe these general observations break any of the rules, but will take a rap on the knuckles if they do. I just feel strongly about this community and want to see incredible conclusions to incredible stories and hope that this idea can help toward that goal.

I wanted to get the idea out there that perhaps I am not alone in feeling dissatisfied at a conclusion to what appeared to be a lot of work from a lot of players and if I am not, for there to be a method to feedback in the form of measurable metrics. This in turn can be worked from so all of us can learn and grow.

OH AND if I am being a moron and this form of metric feedback already exists... point me to it, I am very tired writing this.

Thanks for the feedback. There are methods to the madness happening in the background and multiple factors being taken into account that players do not see. We don't release information about what affects conclusions of events for obvious reasons, but there were many things factored in. If your character wants to bring something up IC about whatever IC events, you're free to pursue that ICly.
This belongs in the Game Complaints section, not ideas.