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ANSI colors in descriptions?
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

Just an idea I've seen elseMOO, that may be enteresting to play with in several instances. I know this is possible as I've seen many colors represented in various objects' descriptions (especially more recently it seems), but I think it would be interesting if players could use this option for things such as clothing, guitars, or any other accessories composed of "materials." I think it'd be really cool to have some things stand out.. for instance, if someone wants their yellow hat to stand out.. make the word "yellow" in the description a loud and obnoxious variant of said hue! :P

Personally, I find ANSI colour in descs to be tacky in 90% of cases, like pink flamingos on your lawn, mostly because people tend to abuse them and colour everything in garish shades.


Colored objects and clothing would be too much, but what about coloring tattoo's in the @nakeds?

It would be cool because it would distinguish that tattoo, properly done, from the rest of the 'color' of the body...