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and redecoration

When an apartment redecoration request is denied, there should be some provision for the admin to leave a comment specifying why it was denied. Not knowing why (no comments, and no xhelp response) makes it difficult to correct the problem causing it to get denied.

I know how ya feel man...although I don't think I do. The redecorated my apartment completely when I didn't want them to. But supposedly it had to be done, so they did.

That probly had nothing to do with this topic.

They probably didn't -redecorate- your room, just set it back to the default description for the room.

It cost chyen to do it...maybe you didn't have enough? I dont know...but like if you want to upgrade your door...which yes you can's costs chyen...which no one told one of the last players of mine and i didn't find out until i het 'upgrade door' and then the script forced me to slot some chyen in some unknown maybe you didn't have enough chyen to cover the projected cost of your redeco.

Everybody plays the Tool.

If your room redec request was denied, just ask us about it. If there's no one answering your xhelp, ask again later when one of us lovely admin people is on the @who list not idled.

USUALLY room redec requests would be denied for one of three reasons:
1) It is not fitting with the theme of the MOO, or the area of the MOO in which it exists (i.e. being from the wrong time period, or too clean)
2) It is too riddled with spelling errors or typos to be a set description =P Run it through a spell check if you think this may be your problem.
3) It would clearly cost a ridiculous amount of money to do it (though I suppose this would be negotiable and debatable)

Check your room redec request to see if any of these things may apply, try correcting them, and resubmitting. If it's really none of the above, hound us until we tell you what the hell is wrong with it, baby!