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Appear Change Physique Adjectives
Including neuters. Because an "androog" is still "curvy".

With the new gender switching appear powers, physique isn't changing to match. How about a list of neuter builds?
Guys can't be curvy?
Do you have anything constructive to add?

Sure, when the game code allows for male-presenting characters to "appear curvy", my @idea won't be relevant. But if someone's presenting as neuter, but their adjective is from the not-neuter lists, that's what my point is about.

I didn't want to spell out too clearly why this can be a problem. Let's just say it can interfere with something important.
No, I literally didn't know that guys couldn't get the "curvy" adjective. 🤷
Where's the list?
Aces, Johnny. Here's a go, hopefully I'm mapping everything to the right male and female spots.


puny short squat

thin average stocky

gangly tall hulking


petite short curvy

svelte average chunky

lithe tall amazonian

The new neuter ones:

little short rotund

slim average thick

willowy tall huge

😮 I had no idea!

It seems that attractiveness adjectives erase those gendered height/weight adjectives altogether. No wonder Appear didn't seem like it was doing anything.

+1 to adding Neuter physiques