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Appointment books
it's kinda hard to get ahold of some people

 Ok, so I had this idea pop into my head last night, and I really gave it some thought before deciding to post about it. I've noticed that with a lot of player run businesses it can be a real pain in the ass to track down the owners or managers or whoever is in charge, especially when it comes to things that aren't on the shelf so to speak. I was thinking about how we could make it easier to contact them when they aren't on, and the Buzz code came to mind. The way I understand it, the buzz code lets a player buzz your cube or apartment door, if you're not in game at the time, it sends an e-mail to your registered address and says you have been buzzed.  So, if that can work that way, would it be possible to incorporate an appointment book of sorts? The player makes an entry into the book to request a meeting with the shopowner, manager, doctor, tattoo artist, etc.  and the code would then e-mail that person with a notification of a new appointment. Of course, it isn't fool proof. The dates would have to work for both parties, but I'm thinking that we don't necessarily need to be exact on dates. That can be worked out ICly. The appointment book is just a means of kinda breaking the ice, and letting it be known that you need to see them, speak to them, etc.  and the person requesting the meeting leaves their contact info so the other person can get back to them. Now, there's no doubt in my mind that the coding required for this would be more difficult than I imagine, but I think it's a good idea and at least worth bringing up here. So, there it is, let me know what you all think. I'm a sucker for feedback.

Why not use gridmail?

What the fuck is Gridmail?

Quote: from ReeferMadness on 12:33 am on Jan. 10, 2010[br]Why not use gridmail?

 Well, you see, the thing about the Grid is that I can't even access it, at all. The access grid icon doesn't even appear on the website for me, no clue why,  I've asked about it on the website problems section and didn't get any response. I don't know if I'm not looking in the right spot or what, but I doubt that cause I've pored over every page available to me and still nothing. Plenty of other shit on the site, like voting for the thing I'd wait in line for, and the links to the MUD connector and whatnot. No grid for me though. So honestly, it didn't even cross my mind cause I know I can't use that aspect of the game, but now that you mention it, that covers pretty much everything I was trying to do with my idea here, except for the alerting your e-mail part. Is that possible through gridmail too? I think that's an integral part of the whole meeting up with hard to reach people. If you only mosey on game every once in a while, it doesn't matter how many times I send you gridmail, it won't get there until you decide to hop on and check it, but if you get an e-mail off-game when someone is trying to contact you in-game I think that makes it easier to get together.

to access the grid (yes, it is buggy getting it to show up, but here's what works for me)

1) stand somewhere with NLM grid access (your character must be in a location with a Quickterm or have a portable term on them)

2) go to the Media Feed tab at the Sindome website

3) on the right there will be a little box with links in it, one will say "access grid 2.0". Click it. If this link isn't showing up and instead the box says "your character must be logged in to access the grid", then try deleting your cookies & browser history and repeating step 2.

4) make sure you can get popup windows. Grid 2.0 will show up, and you have to sign in with an IC password & username, or register for one.

Hope this helps. I haven't tried it in a while.

 Well.. I had to go to the website with a different browser than I normally do, but I got the access grid button to pop up, even got registered onto it, then I got a blank white screen inside the box where the content should be. I'd imagine it runs maybe, javascript?  I know my computer is supergay when it comes to that. I can't download or install anything that has to do with running javascript, fuckin sucks cause 90% of the web content I want to access is untouchable for me. Guess I should just keep working towards that new computer I promised myself a while back. Thanks for the tips though Lena, they got me as far as my computer will take me.

No problemo dudific. Good luck

Vermillion -

I would be more then happy to walk you through everything.  It does use javascript so that will most likely need to be enabled for the Grid to work.

Next time we're both on, xhelp and I'll go through it with you.  

Also, text messages are a great way to send brief messages.  If you have a progia-11 and so does whom you're trying to get ahold of.

Also, if you know where some lives, you can 'buzz' there cube door and it will send the person an e-mail saying that someone is knocking on their door trying to RP with them.