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Approach and Backoff

This is simple in concept, but probably harder to code. I would like a command called 'approach,' that moves you closer to someone, and ‘backoff,’ which moves you away. This would have several effects.

---Approaching someone adds you to that person’s %group, and you become ‘near’ them. ‘Backoff’ removes you from the %group.

---Posing aside, typing approach [target] looks like, %n approaches %group, regardless of who you target. (Example: {approach Kevlar} Johnny approaches Kevlar, Iga, and Jessie.) This does not apply when sneaking (see below.)

---(still not sure what backoff looks like, but it doesn’t need a target like approach does.)

---@look_place gets adjusted. If two @lps are the same, then 'together’ is added to the end. (Johnny and Kevlar are standing here together.) If they are different, ‘near %group’ is added (Johnny is fidgeting near Kevlar and Igi. Kevlar and Iga are standing here together.) Redundancy would have to be prevented if someone includes someone’s name in their @look_place (Johnny is leaning against Kevlar near Iga. Kevlar and Iga are standing here together.) It could get a little repetitive in crowds where everyone has different @look_places, but that’s a minor price to pay.

---You automatically ‘watch’ anyone you are near. If you are not near someone, eavesdropping is harder, and uses the same code as whispering or murmuring on the phone.

---When sneaking, you must ‘sneak to’ someone to count as ‘near’ them while still remaining hidden. Doing this allows everyone in the %group a chance to spot you. ({sneak to Kevlar} Johnny sneaks closer to Kevlar and Iga. Johnny is lurking in the shadows near Kevlar and Iga.)

---You may also ‘sneak away’ from a %group, giving them yet another chance to spot you.

---You must be ‘near’ someone to pickpocket them. If you are not near someone when you try to pickpocket them, you automatically approach their %group. If you are hidden, you sneak closer instead.

---You must also be ‘near’ someone to heal or do surgery on them.

---Targeting someone with a social automatically makes you approach if you are not near them. ({hug Kevlar}) Johnny approaches Kevlar. Johnny tenderly gives Kevlar a warm hug.

---Combat gets revolutionized. You must either be near someone or approach them to hit them with a melee weapon, which takes one round of combat to do. If they have a ranged weapon, that gives them a chance to shoot you before you approach. Conversely, backoff also requires a round, so you may get hit before you can make that rifle really useful again.

---Pistols may be used both near and far, although are more effective from afar. Rifles, SMGs, and other big guns are much less useful when near someone.

---Firearms are either PRECISE or GENERAL. Precise guns, such as rifles or pistols, only target one person in a group, whereas shotguns may fire at an entire group. SMGs can switch back and forth, (aim [target] to be precise, spray [target] to be general.) Missing your shot with a precise firearm runs the risk of hitting someone else in your target's %group.

---Explosives are divided into group-target and room-target categories, depending on the explosive. They either fuck up a group or fuck up the entire room. This would provide an opportunity to expand on explosives a bit.

AND THAT’S ABOUT ALL! I’m sure there are more implications I haven’t thought of, and I’m sure it would be hell to code, but I think it would be a really worthwhile addition, as it fixes several facets of the game with a single command. This is just a rough draft, it would obviously need to be tweaked up and perfected before it got anywhere close to being implemented. It’s probably all just wishful thinking, but this idea has been bubbling in my mind for months now and I finally decided to put it down on pixels. Lemme know what you think!

This would be a major overhaul that would need to be done. I assume it would take massive amounts of time and effort, therefore, I don't believe it will get that virtual nod.

That being said, for the sake of discussion, there are a few opinions I have.

1.) auto approach from targeting in a pose or emote does not sound plausible to me. How would the code differentiate between "Johnny hugs Kevlar" and "Johnny glares at Kevlar from across the room"

2.) @look_place already has a function to "group" people together, If Johnny and Kevlar both set their @look_place to "is sitting at a table in the back." When Iga walks in or types look it will be shown as "Johnny and Kevlar are sitting at a table in the back." The key is to have the exact wording the same and make sure you put a period at the end of you @look_place, without the period it wont attempt to group the LPs

3.) Auto watching those near you, and people not in your group being treated like mutters or phones. I don't see this as realistic. If you are actively RPing with your 'group' they should already be addressing you, which means you don't need to watch them. Freeing up space in the already existing watch mechanics to check out what else is going on. If people are in a public place and don't want to be heard, the should be whispering or muttering. If they aren't they run the risk of being overheard rather easily by people who wouldn't be considered in their 'group'

Also, this kind of alienates people who haven't made connections already. Walk into a room and there are 3 'groups' talking together, if you don't know them your not just gonna walk right up to them and jump in their conversation. Yet if you hear what they are talking about first, it might provide an opportunity to insert yourself into it without serious repercussions(specifically for newbs/immys)

4.) As far as combat, if feel like it should depend on the room you are in. Maybe if there was a way to differentiate where you are in the 'room'. There shouldn't be able to be infinite number of times you can backoff and approach before you hit a corner. Which means adding extra layers to each room to track movement within the room, adding to the headache. (at least to do it realistically IMO)

That's about all I got for you at the moment.