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Speciality weapons

How about a special category of weapons used primarily for assassination?

This could work together with the GPS system. Once the target has a tracking device on them, the thing just seeks and destroys. There could be variations obviously, ranging from the high explosive ladden biomechanical dog to a gen modified killer bee with nano attachments.

Smaller assassins could be controled remotely.. like with a rig so you control the thing as it flies along (they have a limited lifespan once released). Smaller assassins could penetrate simple security like a basic locked door, by going through the cracks, etc. Payload could be biological/chemical or old fashioned.

I would second this, but, I find a lot of potential for abuse.

If all you had to do to kill someone was stick them with a gen-mod swarm of killer bees, then where would be all the fun be in actually interacting when someone pisses you off?  

Also, the twink factor is so high on these it isn't funny. I mean, you go into combat and the weapons do all the work, so long as you plant something on your opponent.  That in all ways supercedes how the combat system was set up so that people have a fair chance of either winning or getting their asses mopped across the floor.

Plus, there is a reason for security checkpoints and doors in the game.  You want to kill someone behind a door, you'd better be or know  a securetech to get into their sanctum sanctorium.  You want to kill somebody in a truce zone or DMZ like Bizou, you'd better know how to use hand-to-hand or a plastic butter knife.  Using trackers to get past security zones and doors is too biased against characters, and there is the potential to use these when the player who operates your opponent is no longer logged on.  Remember, it's the person who has all the skill.  Weapons are just tools, and when a tool is essentially a 'kill your opponent for free from anywhere'  card, it takes the fun and fairness out of game-play.

To put it bluntly, whoever has such weapons would just have to unfair of an advantage, and I think they should be left out of the game, or at the very least be issued to NPC assassins who work for the corps, who would have the money and time to develop and deploy such weapons to their uber-cybered personal armies.



pffft. Just pick their lock, sneak in, and plant a bomb.

It's happened. Trust me..

Hell no, its all about watching people fight... then pulling the pin on a frag grenade and planting it on your enemy.

Oh man.  That's great, Wren.  My sentiments exactly!




I agree, if all you had to do was push a button and then your target was dead... where's the fun in that? And then anyone could be an assassin. Where's the hunt and the stalking and the info that needs to be bought and the codes to break and the taunting to be done, etc?

Yeah, I see the potential for abuse and also that 99.999% of players would never, ever, ever have access to that kind of tech in a city where even guns are highly regulated.

As I envisioned it though, you would need to have certain skills, mostly tech related, on order to operate weapons of this type or at least configure them. It wouldn't be push the button boom, instant death.

Like I said, a timer on something like a genetically modified insect would leave only a brief window of opportunity, and there could be plenty of ways the assassination could be botched.

I was thinking along these lines in trying to give players that are not at all 'fighter' type characters some offensive ability beyond just hiring some muscle.

But things like this would be cool genuinely cool in the hands of NPCs. There are plenty of places where 'drone' type weapons would come in handy.

Down in the sewers biomechanical rats with high energy lasers keeping out unwanted guests.... or hovering drones patrolling a perimeter around the dome in the badlands. Maybe things like this exist, but I still think insidious ways to die are cool.

Like, you may be a god at fighting and nobody can touch you. But no matter who you are, you get bitten on the neck by a killer bee that injects a bacteriological weapon into your bloodstream and you are dead. For a world where death comes easy it wouldn't come as a surprise if weapons of this type were available if really hard to come by.

Freakin' laser beams...

But yeah, I agree with BB...don't give this overly fancy shit to players. You're slag and were never meant to be on the giving end of uber-madness. If you'd only bend over every once and a while... :spank: