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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Miranda

There should be an ATM on green so people can put cash into there accounts or with draw chyen from ther credit chips. i think itd be sensible in cobdoba, cuase most malls i know of have an atm in them somewhere.

There is an ATM on green.

In Cordoba at that. I mean, geez.

damn i need to pay more attention. shit delete this post so everyone doesnt make fun of me.
i'm not even gonna put my siggy on this one... damn
shoot me now please, and fuck me up the goat ass

Personally I think the Idea of an ATM on Green is a little off theme. �Correct me if im wrong, (And I say that cause I don't belive that I am) But people on Blue, Green, and to some extent, Gold have no need for actual 'cash'. �Everything done on the higher levels is supposed to be done via Cred Chip. �I mean that's what they are for are they not? �The only problem is that NPC shopkeepers don't support the use of a cred chip when making a purchase. (Something that the ever busy and completely overworked admin have put on our infamous list) Till then I'm willing to RP that the machine that makes the 'credit' transaction is down at the store and I have to go pull some chyen out of the bank.
To summarize, chyen -actual cash- is dirty and to be used by the masses of Red, in illegal deals where no 'paper trails' can be left. �Every other self respecting citizen of Withmore uses their chip.
In other words, don't like the idea of an ATM on green even if it saves me 5 or 10 minutes going to the bank.

(Edited by allandra at 9:14 am on Aug. 3, 2003)

I think it's there less out of a theme issue, and more out of a game-mechanics-balance issue.

Just think about it.

Say some poor person gets stranded up on GREEN making a delivery, and can't afford 'lev fair to get back down.

That's why I always assumed it was there.

(Edited by Lotus at 11:31 am on Aug. 3, 2003)

Well if if your talking about ATM location,
If they are on GOLD they have the bank to go to, not to mention they have the money from said delivery.  But if your talking about getting stuck on GREEN, why should a poor person be on GREEN? Delivery?  They got the chyen for the Lev from that.  And there's really no reason why a poor person -should- be on Green other than a delivery. Gads what am I on A soapbox? Geez..
Well *takes a breath* I think I'm getting off topic a bit..Guess what I'm calling for here is a greater distinction amongst the classes.  More hate, more prejudice.  No more "corpie" Characters being all buddy with the masses of Red.  I'm not saying people like that aren't gonna exist in the game, but come on.  We need some fucking corpie snobs in the game, more people looking down thier nose at people treating em like shit at first glance. Rather than smile and speak politely while some asshole drips shit on your brand new designer outfit? I know it's rough right now, with the corpie player base and all, and of most of them they still pal around with the 'trash' I've been guilty of this too.  And I'm not asking for people to start playing corpie characters if that isn't their wish, just if you do be a CORPIE, be what everyone despises. Be what everyone bitches about.  Jeez I'm stoned and I think I'm gonna shutup.  If this makes any sense yay for me, if not just disregard it as a stoners rant.

Yes, I meant to say stranded on GREEN, not GOLD, I edited my post so it makes sense now. And since I said 'stranded on GREEN', feel free to assume I mean for some misc. reason, the delivery wasn't completed, and then the person is trapped there. It's something I'm sure has happened in the past, and that's why the ATM was put in. Also, because it's at a mall, and makes sense.

I'd love for a greater distinction between the classes, but I think on the list of factors that are hindering this distinction, an ATM at the Cordoba Mallplex ranks pretty low.

But if hard cash is only to be used for illegal activities, then why does it exist in the first place? You'd think it would have all but been eliminated, especially considering the costs incurred in producing and replacing it. Why would the bank on Gold even give it out? Why would pay terms give it out and not just transfer the numbers to one's bank account directly?

I'll tell you why.

Because paper money has its uses, beyond illegal acts. Hard to tip a waitress with a cred chip, isn't it? Sometimes, hey, people might forget their cred chips at home. What do you do then? You're fucked? Nope. Paper money. It's also easier to give someone money that way. Without paper money, there's no longer such a thing as tips, cash on delivery and a multitude of other things. Also, don't forget - the corps own Withmore, it's an independent city-state. They don't need to pay taxes. No one needs to because the cost of maintaining the city and running it is included in everything you buy. So not leaving a paper trail doesn't really matter for income tax purposes like it does IRL. Working 'under the table' so to speak is pretty much legal because there's no such thing as tax evasion. Giving someone a hundred thousand? They'll spend it eventually and some if not all will find its way back into corp hands, like it or not. They'll take the lev, a cab, buy a drink, pay someone else who'll buy clothes, a cell phone, batteries - whatever. Point is, no matter how roundabout it goes, in an economy the money circulates and eventually turns up right where it started.

Yeah the ATM at Green is pretty low on the whole scheme of things, just a little thing that happened to send me (in my very stoned and aggravated state) into a little rant.
Alright, I'll give Murphy the fact that the Corps own Withmore, no taxes and IRS junk, but what about paper trails when it comes to police investigations, wouldn't you think some guy from Red depositing a few hundred thou chyen into his account all of a sudden prick some ears?  And with the whole tipping waitresses and such? You can't include a tip on a credit card recipt?  You couldn't just link to her chip and transfer the money? (Hypotheticals I am in no way asking for stuff like that to be coded into NPC's) Cash money is dirty and not used on the higher levels from what I've learned in the time im here, In fact I think there was a post on this subject some time ago, one in which Johnny himself said something similar to what I'm saying now. Also ideally Mag-Lev's on the higher levels could just access your SIC account and bill you (Maybe a pricier package) or you could just use your Chip at the turnstile.  Alright I think someone needs to break my fingers before I keep going....

That still doesn't explain why paper money exists then, if it can only be used for illegal activities, doesn't it? -Today- an Interac machine at your local shop costs them what, 100-250 bucks a month to rent? That's peanuts. In a eighty years, in a future where a laptop costs ~300 bucks?

Obviously it has some legitimate reason for existing, don't it?

another reason to have an ATM on GREEN is the fact that the stores in the corbdoba take chyen. In a recent IC event my character had a cred chip and tried to purchase some clothes at a store in corbdoba with more than enough chyen in a cred chip account. the store runner tells me , you dont have enough.  then get puppeted to say we only take cold hard chyen... in those words.  but the signs in there say credit... so you need chyen on GREEN, on  blue, credit only.  I think I saw an @help file that even said green still had some hard currency flow.  thats why i made the post theres my reasoning, but theres an ATM there, so it doesnt matter.

You really think it's going to take 80 years to get a modern laptop down to 300 bux?

Try 10.


Chyen exists because we focused development on the bad part of town. Alla is right in that credit (or sic debit) will be the primary means of purchasing goods and services on the gold and green levels. From the beginning, stores have supported the notion of favoring payment method over another to varying degrees. We just have not created the method for credit/debit yet.

It is indeed, 'on the list'. :mirrorshades:

Remember, Sindome's IC world will change as the game develops to reflect these things. The changes don't have to be applied as an IC change (bank opening a new branch) and may be released and your told 'Its always been like that ICly.'

there's always people out there parinoid about hacking and whatnot that only trust the "mattress" for their savings...

Quote: from Kevlar on 3:08 pm on Aug. 3, 2003[br]You really think it's going to take 80 years to get a modern laptop down to 300 bux?

Try 10.


I was referring to the in-game e-notes. They cost, what, 5k? I forget. 5k is about 250 bucks USD.

damn our coin saturated canadian currancy.
makes it hard to store money in the mattress.
it makes sleepy time so painfull.

Canada and its damn Luna dollar thingies....tis all so bloody confusing. And the 2 dollar coin...bloody hell it's worthless. And it's smaller than the 1 dollar coin.

looney looney looney...

the first time someone asked me for a looney in canada I laughed so hard I almost cried

oooooh I'm a loon!



The two dollar coin is not worthless, it's worth twice as much as the one dollar coin, obviously, jackass.

Put a belt on if your pants can't handle the change.

*eyes the toony*
*eyes the loony*
*eyes Kain*

uhm... right then.

*jingles off*

if there was no coins, what -would- we flick at the homeless folks and strippers?

Quote: from Bias on 8:05 pm on Aug. 5, 2003[br

if there was no coins, what -would- we flick at the homeless folks and strippers?

Used condoms.