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Be cool to have, 'nuff said

Okay, I'll elaborate a little:

Just make a child of the bank room, name it 'ATM Booth', and plop an exit down somehwere. Easy as pie (which is actually kinda hard to make, hrm... 'Easy as toast!')

And you know, I coulda swore I saw somethin 'bout ATMs before, but I couldn't find it and decided to go ahead and post.

Heh, yeah we could do that... but, there's the small matter of security on Red.

As was discussed somewhere else.. and one of the moderators can move this if they find it. We'd like to have a terminal of some sort set up with a limited amount of chyen. (At least I'd like to see this) Breaking into it would be possible, but would need at least three people in various forms.. matrix, enforcer type person, somebody to physically break into the terminal.

We could place one there that is impossible to break into until we complete the code. Some of us just like to release things that are complete.