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Audible Ambiance
Here's some background ambient sounds for you

If you're on pc and you spend plenty of time in a certain type of area, there are some ambient sounds on youtube that can help increase immersion. If you're using chrome, you can install a youtube looper extension to loop it as needed. (I like to play these along side some mixed in music at times.)

For when you're out in the city:

(I used to use another one by the same uploader for "lower city" but it sounded too quiet for what I think is supposed to be a more typically crowded area).

For when you're at a bar:

If anyone has anymore, we can share them here (assuming we can at least).

Awesome idea. Throw this behind some CyberPunk BGM and you've got a great setting for immersion.

Hi Proteus, :)

Nice idea. There are a couple other links you might like to see if you haven't already.

Playlist (thank you Slither):

And a thread on what several of us in the community do listen to. :)

And thx for the links above in the OP. Have fun and plot well!